Martwayne is a fashion retail, training and advisory outfit set up to give you “Power Through Fashion”

We add value to value to people in 4 distinct ways:

  • We provide a winning work wardrobe to working ladies & provide Fashion tools for Fashion designers throught the Martwayne Mart
  • We teach people the skills to make a living through our fashion courses at the Martwayne Training Centre
  • We provide business image advisory services and transform employees into brand ambassadors through our training on corporate branding through dressing
  • We run a strong platform for fashion designers and stakeholders to strengthen existing fashion business through the Designers Connect Network
Tope Williams-Adewunmi, FOunder Martwayne | Fashion School


Our clients across the various sectors of the Fashion Industry and Business communities and includes:

  • Individual seeking a career change from a 9-5 into the fashion industry
  • Individuals seeking to invest in themselves and develop themselves into personal brands;
  • Corporate organizations such as banks and consulting firms seeking to strenghten their corporate brand through their employees;
  • Existing and new players in the Fashion industry wishing to run strong Fashion businesses; amongst other.