Welcome to the Month of July….

& the Launch of New Projects @ Martwayne…

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the month of July, the only month that apparently was named after a person and also a completely fabulous month because my mum and sister were born in it. 😀  It also marks the beginning of the 2nd half of 2012!  Phew!  Isn’t it amazing how fast the days go by!  

First congratulations to us all for all our achievements to date, no matter how little.  We worked hard, made mistakes, learnt from them and revised our methods to prepare us for this 2nd half.  I think we all deserve a huge pat (not slap) on the back! 😉
Of course I must remember those of us who loved lost ones in the first half of the year.  It must be tough for you but my prayer for you is that God gives you the strength and His Grace to keep pushing on.  I’m sure that’s what your loved ones would have wanted for you as well. So please take heart and brace yourself for the 2nd half of the year.  Please remember to “let go and let God…”
Great!  So the first half of the year has been a very eventful and successful one for us at Martwayne.  We made plans and achieved them… and learnt a whole lot!  And we are continuing full throttle this 2nd half, starting with the following projects in order of their launch dates…

In a nutshell, this is a snapshot of the various projects we have planned for this month and soon after in order of their dates…  

1.  Vital Lessons from The Book of Proverbs ( a personal project :-D): 1 – 31 July
2.  The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction (Level 1a):  Registration extended till 13 July
3.  FEC 1 Rerun & The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Levels 1a & b):  New Stream begins 21 July
4.  FEC 5: “How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line” – 28 July
5.  Basic Fashion Course for Juniors: Commencement Date to be announced.
6.  Other Projects (Production Time Rental & Machinists Available) – To be announced.

Great.  Here goes…

1.  Vital Lessons from The Book of Proverbs: 1st – 31st July, 2012

Yes many of you may be surprised but I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now… since I read the Book with a friend about 2 months ago.  I had to wait for the next month with 31 days since the Book has 31 chapters.  
No I’m not a Pastor or a preacher but I kid you not, the lessons I learnt from this Book have helped me a great deal especially in relating with others and work approach and I felt I should also share what I learnt and my notable verses… as it affects people, businesses, customers and even colleagues in the office.  I am still learning… since we are not all perfect but one thing I can tell you for free is when I get the urge to let it rip… and that happens a lot of times in this environment… I try to remember what I read and sometimes, not all the time… I curb myself.  Old habits die hard, they say…
Remember that phrase about planning for your business in the post about Dr Maduka’s teachings at TREM?  If you haven’t read the post, here it is:
Yup!  I got it from Proverbs!   
Proverbs 21: 9 “The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty surely to poverty”.  This will obviously be my post for July 21st. 
I also got another one this morning in a BB broadcast:
Proverbs 20: 23 “Diverse weights are an abomination to the Lord, And dishonest weights are not good”. 

The person who sent the broadcast was talking about cheating people.
So here’s how it will work!  I will have a separate post on my notable verses with (or without my interpretation of them) throughout the month and update them.  You might even see it on the right side of the blog.  Yes I may lump some days together (where I am unable to run a post) but please focus on the message and how to apply it in your fashion businesses and even at work if you are still in employment.  It will probably be my longest post 31 chapters for 31 days.  Trust me it will do us all a lot of good!
2.  The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction (Level 1a): Registration Continues till 13 July 2012
Yes we started the class last week and it started off really well.  Thank you all for your calls and enquiries!  It was really very encouraging and it was great chatting to you all!
For those who missed the first class for some reason or the other and would like to join, we have extended registration till July 13 and don’t worry, we’ll catch you up on missed work.  After the 3rd session, however, registration will be closed and interested students will be registered along with the next set.
3.  The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Level 1a) & FEC 1 Rerun: 21 July 2012 
Yes we will begin a new stream on 21 July, 2012.  The Course has been a success since we started it and I look forward to new students joining the class.  Session 1 is also a rerun of FEC 1 so participants are free to register for just Session 1 of the course.  
4. “How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line” – Our Theme for FEC 5: 28 July 2012
So after our much-needed break in June (and thankfully so after that heavy rain on Saturday), we are BACK with our FECs.  And this month’s theme is “How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line” – Emphasis on GET intended.
No this is not another “fund-raising” seminar like you think.  Previous participants will tell you I don’t run seminars.  And you can tell from the pictures as well.  We teach and I get facilitators who are experts in their field and this will be no different.
AT the end of this lecture, you will find that you may not even need to source for major funds once you know how to do your costing and pricing right.  And you will learn from a representative of a reputable financial institution on why people find it difficult to get investors and banks to key into their vision much less give you their money.
This will also be launched in a separate post.
5.  Basic Fashion Course for Juniors: Commencement Date to be announced.
Yes yes!  After a few requests, I decided “Sure, why not launch a Holiday Program for young children?!”.  SO… we plan to run a short course, the “Basic Fashion Course for Juniors” for our young ones who are out of school for like a month during the holidays.  We will probably run new streams during other term holidays as well so parents watch this space!  I will announce the dates to you in due course… as soon as I figure out when schools will close for the long holidays and my schedule during the holiday period as well so I don’t set myself up! 😀
6.  Other Projects (Dates to be announced)
Production Time:
The flyer for this is still in progress but I have been chatting about this for a while and I think I will launch this formally.  A Production Unit where young designers can actually have access to our facilities and rent our machines and equipment to produce their garments.  Details will be available shortly.
Machinists Available:
Yes… our first run of this proved to be quite a challenge but we finally got a few designers who employed some youths who had already learnt how to sew as joiners in their business and so far they have been pleased with the work of the joiners.  So we are about to source for more joiners and as soon as we get some, we will let you guys know.
Great!  This is not an exhaustive list but this will do for now.  I will let you know more about our activities we plan to work on this 2nd half of the year.  
You all have a great week, a fabulous month and a very successful 2nd half of 2012.