To the End of a Successful Debut Module!

YES! We have officially completed the very first module organized by the Martwayne Training Center. You guys cannot understand how ecstatic I am that this module ended on SUCH a positive note! Despite ALL the challenges we faced…from the delayed work on the renovations, to the brand new ACs that never worked even for one minute and in fact exploded after only 3 weeks (how I cannot imagine); from the generator that for some reason refused to work just 2 days before the first course to the artisan that held on to my blinds, from my carpenter neglecting my work and not delivering my tables to getting a refund from the AC suppliers… YET my staff and I stuck through it all.
And the best part of it was… yes we wanted everything to be perfect for our participants, but it seemed they either didn’t notice or didn’t mind at all. The new ACs didn’t work but they never complained. The PHCN voltage was ridiculously low and the place was scorching in the first 3 weeks but they never said a word! When the new machines acted up, they were all too happy to move on to the next one without grumbling! Whilst sometimes I felt like screaming, the happy and content looks on their faces gave me hope! I could not have asked for a better and more supportive class and I only have the following to say to you guys…:
“You have no idea how your attitudes positively affected my staff and I. You really did a lot… more than you can ever imagine! Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge with you. The fact that you took a chance on me from a mere broadcast without even knowing who I was is something I will forever be grateful for!
You guys were absolutely fabulous… your patience, attendance, punctuality and dedication was extremely encouraging for me and I am so glad you enjoyed the Course.
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! Love you guys to bits! MWAH!”
A big thank you also goes to our guest speakers, Mr Jawad (a dealer in domestic and industrial sewing machines) and Mr Omorogbe of the SMEassist Unit of Fidelity Bank for taking the time out of their very busy schedules to share their knowledge in their areas of expertise with us. It is much appreciated!
We also thank our vendors, Lanre, Mr Chima, Mr David, Mr Lawal (who still owes me my logos – you better not make me come get them myself), Mr Yussuff, Muyideen…etc… you guys are too many to mention. Thank you for bearing with me.
I would also like to thank my staff, especially Tunde, for his patience and long hours of work. We all did a great job working as a team and now we can rest… at least for a few days before 2012 hits us and it all starts over again. But now… we’ll do it better because there are always areas for improvement and we are more prepared.
And of course the greatest thanks again goes to God for making it all possible AND my dad, mum, siblings, mentor and amazing friends and sponsors who are also too many to mention. You guys are just the very best!
I’m leaving you with pictures of the last official session of the Martwayne Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Group 1; Level 1a). Shame we’re missing 2 people in the pictures…
Mr Omorogbe of Fidelity Bank delivering his lecture on strategies necessary to build strong fashion businesses
I still can’t figure out how to get these pictures upright… I have rotated them several times but still… 🙁
My peeps & I…and my peeps…:-D [apologies for making you twist your heads…]
Thank you all once again! I wish I had thrown some sort of party for you but don’t worry… it will happen in due course…
Here’s to the end of a successful debut module!
Cheers! MWAH!
  • Bambo says:

    'wowwwwww…. Am so happy for you…. So when and where is the party?????

  • Niyi I says:

    Tope, glad that you are living your dream and all the hardwork puts smiles on faces