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Are you a fashion designer? Do you know how to sew? 

Would you like to upgrade your sewing skills and produce well done and neatly finished designs? 

Or are you a complete beginner who would love to learn to sew the proper way from scratch?

As a fashion designer, the hallmark of your professionalism is your finishing. Perfectly finished pieces are not only pleasing to the eye, they are also a reflection of the precision and neatness of your work. This is the appeal that high-fashion garments have; and numerous designers struggle to achieve. Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing is an online sewing course from Martwayne that teaches you to sew like a true professional. The course equips you with one of the most important skills needed to be a fashion designer, which is the ability to sew with the perfect finish.

Sewing techniques for perfect finishing

Differentiate yourself with perfect finishing

As a fashion designer, an intending designer or someone who sews for fun, you can make your work stand out with perfect finishing. If you run a fashion business or clothing line, neat finishing can become your key differentiator. This is something that is always guaranteed to dazzle your clients and exceed their expectations. It is a key ingredient in delivering high quality services to your customers; which most will be willing to pay extra for. Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing is an online fashion course that enables you:

  • Sew like a professional
  • Design garments, outfits and execute different sewing projects with the perfect finishing
  • Create neatly done outfits that exceed customer expectations
  • Differentiate yourself from other designers
  • Avoid common mistakes that are often overlooked when sewing
  • Learn key sewing techniques and more effective ways of achieving perfectly finished designs

This fashion course is for you if:

  • You are a fashion beginner who just started learning how to sew
  • You are a fashion designer or advanced sewer looking to perfect finishing skills
  • You are unable to achieve the desired neatness with your work
  • Your clients always complain about hanging threads and crooked seams on their outfits
  • You love to sew and take on different DIY sewing projects
  • You own a clothing line and will like to stand out in the industry

What the Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing offers you

This is an online course that accommodates your schedule. You have the power of choice and can learn anywhere and anytime at your convenience! With this course, you get:

  • Access to the Martwayne E-learning portal
  • Support from your instructor and adequate guidance throughout the course duration
  • Higher Income Opportunity: Increasingly, there is a demand for those with unique fashion designer skills who meet high sewing standards. This sets you apart and positions you to charge higher for the added value you are now able to offer clients
  • Membership on the Exclusive Martwayne E-platform: You gain special membership access to join Martwayne Alumni on our exclusive platforms, where you can network with colleagues and earn medals and cool points
  • Certificate of Completion: You earn a Certificate on Successful Completion at the end of the course

What’s in this course

Learn How to Sew. Easy Sewing Class for Beginners

Introduction to the Sewing Machine & the Tools Required in Garment Construction

The Easy Sewing Guide to Creating the Perfect Stitch

Various Methods of Finishing Raw edges including hand stitching, overlocking, perfect finishing without an overlocker, including french seams and felled seams.

Other Methods of Finishing Raw Edges including Waistband and Facing Finishings.

Here is a glimpse of what you learn in this course:

  • How to effectively finish fabric edges;
  • Key secrets of couturiers in achieving the perfect finish;
  • Hand stitching techniques and when to use them;
  • Types of stitches and seam finishes; and when to use them;
  • How to get you sewing to look so neat so your clothes can be worn inside out. 

About the Founder

Tope Williams Adewunmi Martwayne

My name is Tope Williams Adewunmi and I am a fashion entrepreneur.  I run Martwayne where we give 'Power Through Fashion' by helping fashion lovers turn their love for fashion into a viable business. 

We have trained many people at Martwayne from different works of life.  As an ex-accountant myself who resigned to go to fashion school, I understand first-hand how difficult it must be to leave a comfort zone to pursue the unknown.  We have been privileged to work with bankers, lawyers, accountants, fashion designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, students and so many people - all brought together by their love for fashion.  Many have gone on to establish their own businesses while some students have partnered with each other to set up clothing lines. 

We love seeing our people grow as their success is ours. Which is why we go the extra mile to give you the tools you need to ensure you have a solid foundation by improving on your existing knowledge.  There is always something new to learn and our job is to develop your innate creative abilities and help you discover new and more efficient ways of doing things in a fun and conducive environment.

About the Martwayne E-learning Platform

We know first-hand what it feels like to learn new concepts in order to improve skills and charge higher prices.  We also understand how challenging some students find online learning. 

Our online courses were also created to get our courses to students who do not live in our location but also want to benefit from our knowledge.  Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course? 

Simple!  We teach our concepts from scratch because we also learnt the concepts from scratch in a very jovial atmosphere.  Learning new concepts can be daunting but we had to make it fun for you! I learnt everything from scratch myself.  

You've seen our testimonials so you know we are GREAT at what we do!  It's time for you to take that plunge too and start to earn some serious income from your fashion business!

Here's to Your Success...

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne | Fashion School

Here’s what people say about our online courses


Fashion Designer

I've gone through the two bonus courses, I must say, I really enjoyed every bit of it. Woah! They are so detailed and very easy to understand. I particularly love that each section is short and precise. Honestly, I'm glad I signed on! You are indeed an excellent teacher. You make it look so simple. I'm so very excited and looking forward to the next Course. 


Fashion Entrepreneur

You know I was a bit sceptical about online courses because of previous experience but what you have here is beyond good ? 

Really, kudos to you. The sounds and videos are clear, it really is top-notch and I'm not just saying it... 

You are what you claimed to be. I'm impressed and inspired by you.



Fashion Designer

I loooooooooove what I have been watching. You broke it down and made it really easy. Thank you for this opportunity. 

Learn how to sew like a true professional.

Course Fees: N25,000 / $80


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Someone you know needs this.

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