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Sewing & Patternmaking


Level - Beginners & Advanced Options Available

Duration - Weekday: 3-4 Months | Weekend: 6-8 Months

Learn How to Sew in No Time

Martwayne Student Project, an evening gown for a friend


Course Description

  • Have you always wanted to learn fashion design but lacked the time?
  • Are you looking to learn a valuable skill that can always be transformed into a business opportunity in your spare time?
  • Do you need to brush up your sewing and pattern making skills?

The Martwayne Short Course in Sewing and Pattern Making gives you the opportunity to learn how to sew (even if you have no prior knowledge of sewing) or perfect your sewing skills.

Martwayne Student Finished Project, also styled by her.

These amazing outfits were designed by students who started out as complete beginners with no clue about how to sew. With Martwayne, they now design amazing outfits for themselves, their friends, family and even for the runway! 

If they can do it,

so can you!

Martwayne Student Project on the runway

You can still learn to sew even in your busy schedule!

Beginners Dressmaking Course Testimonial

Don’t let anything stop you from maximising your passion! A lot of people want to become professional fashion designers but don’t have the time to learn how to sew. If you have a regular 9 to 5 job, you don’t need to give up your passion for fashion design. You can learn the skill with this Short Course and design with the perfect factory finish either online or in our location!

Martwayne Student working on project in the Advanced Course in Fashion Design

This course is for you if you:

  • Don’t have any idea about sewing or pattern making;
  • Have a lot of creative fashion ideas but cannot translate them into wearable clothes;
  • Will love to own your own clothing line someday;
  • Have a busy schedule but desire to learn fashion design;
  • Want to upgrade your sewing and pattern making skills after a long break;
  • Want to learn fashion design but have limited time;
  • Learn a profitable skill in your spare time;
  • Are a career person who wants another source of income; or
  • You are a student on a long school break, looking to learn a profitable skill.

Advanced Student in Sewing class working on project

The Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking is for everyone! As a student, a housewife, a job seeker or a professional, it is important to have a skill that can make you money. Even if you have a profitable business, this course will enable you diversify your source of income; and provide you with skills to design amazing outfits for yourself and loved ones.

Even if you are outside Lagos, you can register anywhere in the world with our Online option.  It is the same great Course with the same modules and is perfect for complete beginners or those who can already sew.  Our online students agree:

You just need to take the step.  With Martwayne’s Online Class, you will think you are in a classroom.


Fashion Designer in Lagos, Instagram: @asoby_qeespearls


Course Offerings



  • For Beginners & Advanced Sewers. 
  • Learn various sewing techniques for perfect finishing;
  • Understand the steps in garment construction and how to design clothes;
  • Create clothes with the perfect factory finish;
  • Sew skirts, dresses, evening gowns, blouses, shirts, trousers, etc.
Advanced Course in Fashion Design

Pattern Drafting


  • Learn how to take accurate body measurements and how to convert them to block patterns; 
  • Apply pattern making concepts to create your garments; 
  • Understand the patternmaking life cycle from block to working pattern and final pattern;
  • Understand dart manipulation techniques and how to design with darts and style lines;
  • Create different style variations from the standard blocks;


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Sew like a professional & Start your Clothing Line


Transform your fashion design knowledge into a viable source of income


Start the Fashion Business of your dreams


Monetize the different skills you have learnt during the Course


Offer quality services to other fashion businesses


Empower yourself and others by becoming an employer of labour and making a difference.


Course Fees & Duration

The best deal on a dressmaking course 

Physical Class

Fees – N165,000 – N240,000

INCLUDES TOOLKIT & N20,000 REFUNDABLE FEE FOR DAMAGES & Unnecessary extensions to the course

Weekday Option:

  • Beginners Entry Point: N185,000
  • Advanced Entry Point: N165,000

Weekend Option:

  • Beginners Entry Point: N240,000
  • Advanced Entry Point: N220,000

Online Course

Full Option: N100,000 | USD$275

Fee Per Stage:

  • Stage 1: N32,500 | USD$98
  • Stage 2: N42,500  | USD$125
  • Stage 3: N32,500 | USD$98 

Payment Options


Physical Class:

Option 1:

  • Full Payment attracts 5% discount

Option 2:

  • 70% Deposit 
  • 30% Balance due within 6 weeks


Online Course:

Option 1:

  • Full Payment attracts 10% discount

Option 2:

  • Full Payment per Stage attracts a N5,000 discount
  • Instalment Payment per Stage Available at 60% Deposit & 40% Balance due during the Course


3 months – 7 months

Weekday Option

  • Beginners: 4 months
  • Advanced: 3 months
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays only from 10am – 4pm

Weekend Option

  • Beginners: 7 months
  • Advanced: 6 months
  • Saturdays only from 12noon – 6pm


What Our Students Say


Alumnus, Short Course

Instagram: @chiomaredbutton


Alumnus, Advanced Course

Instagram: @itzmrnarsio_

Why wait when you can take control? 

Take the Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking

Equip yourself with a skill that lasts forever and earn income from it!

Take the Physical ClassSign Up for the Online Course

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Someone you know needs this.

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