Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Gift Card

Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Gift Card


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Send a Gift to Someone Who Really Needs It.

What better way to invest in someone than investing in the knowledge that will make them ‘feed for a lifetime’.  You can do so by buying them a gift card to attend the Course.  Invest in them and watch their business grow.


Simply buy a Gift Card and send it to them by email which will be used by them to purchase the Course.


About the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course:


Being a fashion business owner can be tough. As a fashion entrepreneur, you face unique challenges from the start-up stage; all through the business expansion stages. Staying motivated is challenging because you realize that knowing how to sew, understanding how to start a fashion business and successfully starting and sustaining one are entirely different things. If you want to launch a profitable fashion business, achieve success in your already established business, start your fashion line or successfully structure your business, the Martwayne Online Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) is perfect for you.


The FEC is a 4-in-1 online course. This means that you get a comprehensive course with 4 major modules for the price of 1!

Module 1: Costing, Pricing & How to Sell Your Clothes to Make a Profit

Module 2:  How to Start Your Clothing Line (The Clothing Production Process)

Module 3:  Building Structures in Your Fashion Business

(The Accounting, Tax, Legal and Administrative Sides to running a Fashion Business)

Module 4: Tracking Your Business Finances with an Online Accounting Software

(A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Accounting System)


If you would like to pay for the Course yourself, please click here. After purchasing the Course, please send an email to with the name, telephone number and email address of the recipient and we will contact them on your behalf with the details of your Gift.

Thank you so much for gifting this Course.

To read about the Course, please click here


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