Creative & Fashion Illustration Gift Card

Creative & Fashion Illustration Gift Card


Help Someone accomplish their Fashion Dream.

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  • ₦20,000
  • ₦30,000
  • ₦35,000
  • ₦80,000
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Send a Gift to Someone Who Really Needs It.

What better way to invest in someone than investing in the knowledge that will make them ‘feed for a lifetime’.  You can do so by buying them a gift card to attend the Course.  Invest in them and watch their business grow.


Simply buy a Gift Card and send it to them by email which will be used by them to purchase the Course.


The 3-in-1 Fashion Course teaches step-by-step how to develop your designs from scratch, how to create fashion collections, how to create fashion sketches and how to use a digital fashion illustration app all from scratch!


So if you know someone who:

  • wants to move away from customised clothing to ready to wear;
  • has so many creative ideas but has no clue how to put down their thoughts on paper;
  • is constantly stuck in the “What I Ordered vs What I Got” wars with clients & tailors;
  • sees so many amazing designs on the runway and wonders how on earth those people came up with such amazing creations;
  • is intimidated by other people’s creativity;
  • feels they are not creative and want to learn how to be creative (YES it can be learnt once you understand the process);
  • is looking for a 2nd source of income as a fashion designer – yes Fashion Illustration is a career in the fashion industry and I know people who make tons of money just sketching people’s ideas for them;
  • wants to start a clothing line or set up a fashion house and would love to create their own designs;
  • would also love to see their designs on the runway at any of the fashion shows taking place during Fashion Week and also in fashion magazines;
  • loves designing women’s clothing including high fashion and would love to sell their designs;
  • does not understand how colours and fabrics work and would love to learn it;
  • is just plain tired of copying people’s work!

then you should sponsor them for this Course.

What They Learn:

Part 1:   Developing a Fashion Collection & Fashion Portfolio

Part 2:  Manual Illustration

Part 3:  Digital Illustration

Course Fees:

Option 1: Full Course

Full Fees  – N130,000

5% discount for full payment

Instalment Payment: Deposit: N100,000 and Balance: N30,000

Option 2:  Part 1 only

Full Payment – N35,000

Option 3: Parts 2 and 3 only

Full Payment – 110,000

Instalment Payment: N120,000 split into Deposit: N95,000 and Balance: N25,000

Option 4: Parts 2 OR Part 3 only

Full Payment – 900,000

Instalment Payment: N110,000 split into Deposit: N80,000 and Balance: N20,000

Option 5: Part 1 and Part 2 OR Part 3 only

Full Payment – 105,000

Instalment Payment: N115,000 split into Deposit: N95,000 and Balance: N20,000

Option 6: Online Course: N75,000 | $220


If you would like to pay for the Full Course yourself and send the details to the recipient, please click here.

After purchasing the Course, please send an email to with the name, telephone number, address, chosen course and email address of the recipient and we will contact them on your behalf with the details of your Gift.

Thank you so much for gifting this Course.

To read about the Course, please click here

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