Costing, Pricing and How to Sell Your Products to Make a Profit

Costing, Pricing and How to Sell Your Products to Make a Profit


–  Do you have difficulty setting proper prices for your products?

–  Do you charge based on conscience and find it difficult to defend your prices?!

–  Do you find it difficult to pay your bills and even yourself each month?

–  Do you work so hard each day with nothing left in the bank at the end of the month?

Learn how to do a proper costing and pricing for your clothing in this very easy to understand

Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.


Learn proper costing and pricing and how to sell your products to make a profit on your clothing line in this easy to understand business of fashion course.

Billing for your clothes should not be based on conscience.  It should be based on a proper analyses of your costs and running expenses.  Learn how to properly bill for your clothes using different approaches.  It is important as a fashion business to be able to earn a profit in all your dealings.  If your prices are wrong, then you will always play catch up – and worse end up depressed after working so hard with nothing left to show for it at the end of the month!
After the billing comes the selling.  How do you introduce your products to the market at a price people are willing to pay for? These and other topics will be taught in our online course on our E-learning portal.
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