Beginners Course in Fashion Design


Beginners Course in Fashion Design


The perfect fashion course for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of fashion or sewing. Includes Sewing & Patternmaking Courses, Creative & Fashion Illustration Courses & Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses. Weekday & Weekend Options available.

Please see below for more details on the Course.

To register:

For direct bank payments, please pay the fees by cash or online transfer into:

Martwayne Limited | 023 710 3843 | GTBank


For online payments:

Please select Stage 1 if you are just starting this Course.  Payment for Stage 2 can be made directly during the Course.

Pay in full and & get 5% discount off the fees.


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About the Course:

The Martwayne Beginners Course in Fashion Design is targeted at aspiring designers who want to turn their love for fashion into a viable business.  It teaches the creative, the sewing as well as the business sides of fashion for those who would like to start a fashion business.  Predominantly a Beginners Sewing Course, students will not only learn how to sew but also how to become proper fashion designers.  The Course includes modules such as manual and digital fashion illustrations well as fashion business courses such as costing and pricing and How to Start Your Clothing Line.

How the Course Runs:

There are 2 stages in the Course.  Each stage is a combination of various courses and we are certain that at the end of the Course, you will have enough knowledge to start your business.  In fact, many of our students have started their own businesses before they complete the Course.

Course Fees:

Stage 1 costs a total of N200,000 (Fees: N180,000 + an extra N20,000 refundable caution fee).

Stage 2 costs a total of N220,000 (Fees: N200,000 + an extra N20,000 refundable caution fee).

Fees cover training materials, drawing kits, toolkits.  You are required to come with your fabrics.

Refundable caution fee covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

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