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A day we will never forget!

The #EndSars Movement had brought so much hope but tragically ended in despair.   I woke up on the 23rd feeling very very sad at the turn of events that I didn't even want to get out of bed. After feeling numb for hours, I just thought, 'Why not just sew'? And sew I did!

I sewed just for pleasure.  Not for business. Not to meet a deadline.  Just sew! And boy did it work!  I felt so so SO MUCH BETTER afterwards!

Sewing as Therapy!

I was shocked to find there had been so many articles on the health benefits of sewing backed by research.  

From reducing stress, to being a natural anti-depressant, to protecting the brain against ageing and even lowering blood pressure, the health benefits of Sewing is actually medically proven.

This LinkedIn article was such an eye opener.  I had always pushed learning how to sew as a business venture but I never thought about the medical benefits.  I definitely never thought of it as a form of therapy that could help us cope with the toughest moments.

The Covid-19 pandemic had me putting up posts about mental health and how to guard it so well that it never occurred to me the the one thing that many designers felt helpless about was the one thing that could also bring hope!

After my post on social media, it turns out many people do use Sewing as a form of therapy.  Here are some responses:

If you also have been going through a tough time, either medically or struggling with your mental health, we all need all the help we can get.  And to also help you through these tough times, I am giving out my popular Online Course in Sewing & Patternmaking at over 70% discount!

Trust me, not only will this make money for you as a business venture and start you off on a new career path, even as a hobby, it will also help you destress!  If it worked for me and the others, it should also work for you.

Can I Learn to Sew Online?

Fashion Design for Beginners

Of course you can!  If we can teach 9 year olds how to sew online, right from scratch, then it should be a piece of cake for you.   And you learn without stress!  Classes are delivered to you in just a few minutes a day, 3 days a week to enable you practise and not get overwhelmed.  We have so many testimonials and trust me, our classes are great!

And this Course is not just for beginners.  If you have been sewing for years, this Course will also be perfect for you!

So yes!  You can learn how to sew clothes online!  Our courses are fun and you will definitely enjoy them!

The Online Course in Sewing & Patternmaking teaches you, not only how to sew with a perfect finish but also how to draft patterns from scratch!  So whether you want to learn to start a business, as a hobby or just for therapeutic purposes (and of course make money on the side 😃), this Online Course is perfect for you! 

It is perfect for beginners as well as those who can already sew and want to perfect their sewing skills.

How Does the Course Run?

There are are 3 major stages in the Course:

-  Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing & Skirts (yes a skirt is the bottom part of a dress so you are learning Stage 2 as well)

-  the Dressmaking Stage; &

-  the Trousers Stage. 

All the stages include Sewing & Patternmaking and the best part of this Course is, you will also learn principles that you can use to make anything.  And you will also learn how to:

-  take accurate body measurements,

-  convert these measurements into a standard block pattern;

-  learn how to sew with a perfect finish;

-  create different styles from the block patterns;

-  learn dart manipulation techniques;

-  learn to read a pattern book... and so much more...

And best of all, you can get submit your tasks and get feedback from your instructor.  Trust me when I tell you that you will learn how to sew in this Online Class.  Just check these out!

Can I really learn how to sew online?

Of course! Check out our testimonials.

And we have so so much more!

What Else Do I Need for the Course


  • Sewing Machine (any basic domestic electric sewing machine works with at least 5 stitches.  12 stitches will be even better). Any brand works.
  • Tailor's Chalk
  • Basic Needlework Kit which must include hand needles
  • Roll of Thread / Threads
  • Box of Dressmaker Pins
  • Calico or any cotton fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Zips (including Invisible Zips)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Steam Iron
  • Ironing Table or any clean surface
  • Large Cutting Table or any large surface (a clean floor works if you have space constraints)

  • Patternmaking:

    • Pattern Paper
    • Pencils
    • Set of French Curves
    • Vary Form Curve Ruler
    • Pack of Set Squares (which includes a basic ruler)
    • Sharpener for your pencils
    • Eraser
    • Scotch Tape, Masking Tape or Glue Stick
    • Box of Pins
    • Tracing Wheel
    • Paper Scissors
    • Measuring Tape
    • Cardboard
    • Straw Board (or any soft surface)

    Channel Your Energy in the right direction

    fashion school in lagos

    'I resigned a job I loved to start a career in Fashion Design.  I had always known it was therapeutic but only recently did I realize just how powerful Sewing was in terms of mental health and well being.   I  promoted Fashion Design and Sewing as a business venture but now I know it is so much more...

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