Bridal Dressmaking Course

Want to be a HUGE part of a Wedding?


Just how important is a Bride's Designer?

The best part of Entrepreneurship is the ability to impact people's lives!  Now the BEST part of Fashion Entrepreneurship is putting a smile on people's faces on one of the most memorable days of their lives!

What better way to put a smile on a bride's face on her amazing day than her designer coming through for her in just 7 days right???!!!  Wow!  That is a feat I must confess!  

I suspect she must have received a terrible dress because very few brides will leave their wedding dress till the very last minute!

But whatever the reason was, #martwaynestudent @cute_hazel delivered!

Now who is more important than the Bride if she made her own wedding dress?

Absolutely no one!  Except perhaps the groom.  But at a wedding, all eyes are on the bride!  Think Meghan Markle!

And of course #martwaynestudent @liberteclothiers who made her own dress and was mighty pleased with it! 

And it's no secret that I made my own wedding gown either!

Yeah... I had to design my own wedding dress - and sew it as well because the one I ordered was just awful!  The dress itself was nice but gosh it looked so graceful on the model but on me.... it just made me look short and fat! Lol. So I had to churn out another one much to my sister's pleasure!  And I'm glad I did!

And of course we have designers who have just charted a new course in their Fashion careers!

Like #martwaynestudent @dazzlemegorgeously who attended just the Corsetry Course and put a corset wedding dress on the runway weeks later!

And we know just how HUGE the bridalwear market is around here!  A market where the bride is only too happy to spend 100 times what she would spend on a dress on a normal day!  In fact if it is too cheap, you might

not get the order!   

SO!  Are Bridal Gowns and Bridesmaids Dresses
the next phase of your fashion career?!  

Read on to find out!

Are you ready to take your creativity to its peak?

Do you LOVE working with delicate fabrics and paying attention to detail?

Do you LOVE the Art of Couture dressmaking techniques?

Do you wonder how all those fabulous wedding gowns you see online are made?

Are you tired of making the same boring aso-ebi clothes over and over and over again?  

And worse, customers not willing to pay for the hard work you put in?  

Do you want to be well rewarded and appreciated for the time and effort

you put into each and every of your heavily crafted work?

If you have answered YES to most of these questions, then this Bridalwear Course is for you!


About the Bridal Course

The Bridal Course is for experienced designers who can already sew but want to start a Bridalwear line creating bespoke and high fashion clothing for their customers.  And the beauty behind the Course is it teaches so many principles which you can even apply not only to wedding gowns but also to bridesmaids dresses and red carpet dresses. 

What will you learn?

The Bridalwear curriculum is so packed, even I want to be a student.   And the best part is this Course is a collaboration between various experts in their field and we at Martwayne LOVE collaboration!  We are talking real COUTURE techniques!  

Here is a brief overview of the modules to be taught.

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     Bridal Silhouettes and Variations. 
    You will learn about the various bridal silhouettes, necklines and which silhouettes work with which body shapes.  It is important to have proper knowledge about these so you can advise your customers appropriately.  We will then teach how to create the patterns for each of the silhouettes mentioned as well as other variations to the patterns.
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    Corset Making.  Oh how we LOVE Corsets at Martwayne - especially well built ones like you see here.  You always know a well-built corset if it can stand without any form of support.  We will teach how to build solid corsets from scratch to give that proper support to a wedding gown.  You will learn how to create the panel corset and the cup corset.  And thats not all!  Not all wedding gowns come with corsets.  Mine did not have a corset and it sat perfectly!  So we will teach how to create a proper fitted contoured strapless wedding gown so you can offer various options to your customers based on their budget.
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    Veils and Undergarments.  No wedding gown is complete without veils.  You will learn how to create different kinds of veils in varying shapes and lengths.  For those who LOVE drama?!  You are in for a treat!  You will learn how to make ball gowns and how to create the undergarments such as the bridal hoop skirt and the bridal petticoat slip to give that volume you so desire.  We are so looking forward to this one.
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      Tambour Beading & Needlework. 
    This is one of the Couture techniques we will be teaching in the Course.  It is SUCH an interesting technique of beading!  In fact I would call it fascinating!  It is precise, detailed, therapeutic and is definitely sure to give your garments that 'expensive' look that will make your brides breathless!  Oh... this technique will up your game like you cannot imagine!
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     Creative Pattern Cutting - Transformational Reconstruction 
    Ever heard Shingo Sato?!!!  He is a Master in the Art of Creative Pattern cutting and in this Course, you will learn the Japanese technique Transformational Reconstruction.  What is that you ask???  Well Transformational Reconstruction is a form of Draping but draping on the flat. Yes!  This is you taking your Patternmaking skills to a new creative level to add detail and mystery to your clothing!  And the beauty is it can be applied not just in wedding gowns but other forms of clothing as well. 
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    Fabric Manipulation Techniques
    This bonus Course teaches how to add texture and volume to otherwise flat 2D fabrics and its creative sewing techniques.  These methods will add that extra WOW effect to your wedding dresses. 
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    Costing & Pricing
    Of course you know for us at Martwayne, we are always about the business of fashion as well. No No point having a skill if you cannot make money from it right?!  That's why we are including a fashion business module as well which also includes creative ways of finding your customers.  We know the market is out there but you need to know how exactly to plug into it. 

'Making a wedding dress is
not the same as sewing a white dress'

Someone said this to me and I thought it was so true.  

Making a wedding dress is WAYYYYYYY more than that and the instructors and I are really pleased to bring all our knowledge together to create an amazing course that you will reap the benefits over and over and over again! 

So how does it run?

The Bridalwear Masterclass is open to designers who can already sew.  

Beginners who have no prior knowledge of sewing have to register for the

Beginners Foundation Course in Fashion Design before they can attend this class.

The Full Course lasts for 3 months and classes are 3 days a week from 10am - 4pm.

Course Fees:

The beauty behind this Course is there are various options to choose from.  You can register for the Full Course or choose various options of the Course you would like.

Option 1:  Full Course

The Fees for the Full Course are N280,000. 

This covers your training materials, your toolkit, tambour beading kit and training certificate.    

Students are, however, required to come with their fabrics.

Option 2: Corsetry & Closures only

The Corset Course only costs N80,000.  


Option 3: Creative Patternmaking Course

Option 3a: Full Course - N150,000

Option 3b: Transformational Reconstruction only (Bridal module) - N100,000

Option 4: Tambour Beading & Needlework

The Tambour Beading module costs N80,000.

Option 5: Skirt Variations, Veils & Undergarments

This module costs N80,000 only

All optional modules also include your training materials and toolkits

but you are required to come with your fabrics where applicable. 

How do I join the Course? 

Registration is easy!!!

Simply click on the button below to register for the option of your choice.  

Our platform is very secure and your details are safe!

If you, however, prefer to register manually, that's also great!

Simply pay by cash or online transfer for the option of your choice into:

Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank

 Please state the option of your choice in the description where applicable

or contact us on:


Telephone: 0818 395 8856

Whatsapp: 0809 787 6075

Instagram: @martwayne


Please please register early so we can prepare for you!  

We will be working with volumes and volumes of fabric

and pattern paper depending on your designs

so we really do have limited seats available.

Classes will hold at 8 Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos

Do you run other Fashion & Dressmaking Courses?

Yes we do!  

In addition to the Beginners Foundation Course in Fashion Design , we also have the:

-  Advanced Course in Fashion Design for designers who can already sew but want to perfect their sewing skills; and

- our popular Design, Fashion Illustration and Computer Aided Design Course

Simply click on any of the Course names for more details or visit the HOME page for a more detailed list of our fashion training courses.

Excellent!!!  We look forward to you joining us for the next Stream!

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