Learn how to sew from scratch in the Martwayne Foundation Course in Fashion Design.  Targeted at complete beginners with no prior knowledge of sewing, it is a fashion course which offers sewing classes, teaches how to create sewing patterns, fashion illustration and the business of fashion.

BUT before we go into the nitty gritty of the Course, let's ask you this.

Is this you?

For years you have been making the same New Year's resolutions over and over again!  I will finally learn how to sew and pursue this dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Every January 1st, you wake up all gingered up with your slogan for the year: 

-  My Year of Immeasurable Success

-  My Year of Overflowing Greatness

-  My Year of Breakthroughs

Year in year out, you keep making yourself the same false promise over and over and over again!  Isn't it physically and mentally exhausting just thinking about it?!

And then barely a quarter into the year, the excuses start pouring in:

-  it's not the right time

- I don't have the money

- my job keeps me busy

- the school is too far

- I am too old

And then the worst part, that emptiness that comes at the end of every year knowing you have not made any form of progress whatsoever.  

You get bitter, you are angry at the world and you are full of regret!  The days you have just lost will never come back and then the sinking feeling you have deep down knowing next year the same cycle will begin but trying to convince yourself next year will be different.


"Don't worry, I will definitely do something in the new year" you tell yourself.

But dare I ask... why wait till next year?!  Isn't next year not just another day?!  The only thing that makes next year different is the fact that the numbers and dates will change.  Everything else will still remain the same!  The sun will still shine, the rain will still fall, you still have to go to work, (and it is even worse if it is a job you hate).

So why procrastinate?  Why not do something now?!  

NOW is the time to gear up for next year!  

NOW is the time to finally make that move you have been dreading.  

NOW is the time to learn how to sew and take fashion design

and sewing classes at Martwayne!

NOW is the time to finally become the fashion designer

you were destined to be!

And what will you learn?! 

LOTS I can tell you that for free!  

You will learn about what fashion design really is and how to truly understand its benefits… 

There are soooooo many ways to make money from the fashion industry.  You just have to know how to go about it!  And our courses will teach you how!

And that’s not all!  You will learn how to sew!  Forget the fact that you have never sewn anything without a needle and thread.  Forget the fact that you cannot thread a machine much less power one.  I could not do any of these when I resigned from my job in one of the Big Four accounting firms (KPMG) to go to fashion school but guess what?! 


I learnt how to sew all from scratch!

And that is exactly how we teach!  Literally from scratch!

If you don't believe me, check out the lovely skirt our amazing 11 year old Morayo made me!  YES an 11-year old made this!  

This was one of my happiest and proudest moments as a teacher.  

And yes! I still rock this skirt! :-D

Learn how to sew from scratch in our Foundation Course in Fashion Design for Beginners

Skirt made by 11 year old Martwayne student

And she’s not the only one we have taught!  

We have had many more success stories!  

So really if a 9 year old and a complete novice can learn how to sew,

so can you!

Ok!  I’ve said a lot!  Who exactly am I right?!  

My name is Tope Williams-Adewunmi and I am a fashion entrepreneur.  I run Martwayne and our mission is to give people power through fashion by turning them into the fashion designers they were destined to be! 

We do this through our fashion courses targeted at the creative, the practical and the business sides of fashion!  Yes!

We help fashion lovers turn their love for fashion into a viable business!  

Yes I know what it feels like to work a 9-5.  I gave up a fabulous career as an accountant in one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms to go to Fashion School and my decision was even tough because I loved my job.  

But if you know deep down you should be doing something else, why not take the leap?  Besides in this era of uncertainty, you never know if the next termination letter or SMS has your name in it.  You surely do not want to be left in the lurch with nothing to fall back on right?!  

Besides you don't even have to give it all up like I did.

But if you know you have that burning itch inside of you to explore that fashion thing like this person, then you should do something about it!

OR is your story like the typical story around here - you are tired of your tailors wrecking your clothes.  Yes.  That was the real reason I went to study another undergraduate degree in Fashion Design.

Or you simply want to be financially independent. 

Or perhaps your story even falls outside these reasons.  Whatever it is, don't let that dream die because of fear!  

Truth be told, the only thing worse than fear is the regret you will feel 10 years down the line when your life seems to have ground to a standstill and you start wishing you had made a different choice.

Why not find fulfilment in chasing your dreams?

And trust me, you will LOVE our classes.  We have an interesting mix of people - from bankers to lawyers to accountants, engineers and even medical doctors - all brought together by the one thing we all love the most - FASHION!

So!  What says you?!  You really have nothing to lose.  

BUT don’t take my word for it…  

Just check out just a few of our testimonials...

And we have so much more!  

And NO I didn’t say it, they did!  That is why I prefer screenshots of these testimonials!  You can always reach out to them and ask them about us!  

We will always come highly recommended!

So yes! Now that you know you are in safe hands and can learn how to sew from scratch, how much will this course cost you?!

NOPE!  Not tons of money!  And definitely not as much as you will spend if you decided to travel to get the same knowledge.  

We have students who have taken courses abroad and they have told me several times that what we teach is also what they ended up learning.

But we do so at a mere FRACTION of the cost!

OKAY! I AM CONVINCED!  What will it cost?

Surely, even if we were to place a price on the awesomeness of the benefits of the Course, even N10,000,000 wouldn't quite cut it...

And what are these benefits?!

.  the unmeasurable investment into your future;

.  the unquantifiable fulfillment you will experience as a fashion designer - especially when you start making tons of money from Day 1. 

.  the peace and happiness you will definitely experience doing what you always loved doing. 


.  the fact that you don’t have to travel to get a world-class experience in Fashion Design because you will be learning from us - led a South-African trained Fashion Designer!  :) And I can tell you we are GREAT at what we do!

And all our students agree!


OK!  Enough talk Tope!  I'm convinced!  How do I register?

 Hang on, I haven't even told you what you will learn during the Course.

In the Foundation Course in Fashion Design, you will be learning the 3 important aspects of running a fashion business.

  • The Creative (The real art of Fashion Design);

  • The Practical (Dressmaking & Pattern Classes); and

  • The Business Sides of Fashion.

Of course we don't only want to teach you fashion design and how to sew, we also want to teach you how to make money from it so you can run a sustainable business and start your clothing line. All in a friendly and conducive work environment.

In the Creative aspect of the Course, you will learn:

  • the design and production process;
  • how develop your designs from scratch in order to create a fashion collection and a proper fashion portfolio;
  • how to choose the colours and fabrics to ensure the success of your fashion collection;
  • check
    how to create mood boards, storyboards, design briefs and all the tools you require in the development of a fashion collection ;
  • check
    how to draw and sketch out your fashion designs FROM SCRATCH;
  • check
    how to draw the female fashion croquis, including facial features, spinal movements and faces;
  • check
    how to create technical drawings in order to communicate your ideas to your tailor or production team;
  • check
    how to draw various items of clothing including necklines, sleeves, design details, etc
  • check
    how to render a fashion figure both manually and digitally; and
  • check
    how to use a digital app to turn your illustrations from drab to fab!
Student defending their creative project

Fashion Illustration Class at Martwayne

In the Sewing aspect of the Course, you will learn from scratch:

  • how to take accurate body measurements to avoid mistakes;
  • how to convert the measurements taken into a standard block pattern and working pattern; 
  • the principles of pattern cutting including how to properly label a pattern;
  • check
    how to interprete a pattern book;
  • check
    how to create different variations from the block pattern;
  • check
    various sewing techniques to ensure your clothes come out with a perfect factory finish;
  • check
    how to conduct a fitting after transferring alterations to the pattern;
  • check
    how to finalise your block patterns;
  • check
    Of course you will learn how to sew right from how to thread a working machine to working with seam guides;
  • check
    how to sew properly various garments such as skirts, dresses, office shirts, blouses, collars, cuffs, necklines, strapless dresses, jackets, trousers, etc. 

In the Business aspect of the Course, you will learn :

  • the many many ways you can make money from the Fashion Industry so you can make an informed decision which area you want to plug into.  No we don't all have to be fashion designers. We can be patternmakers, fashion illustrators, visual merchandisers, buyers and so many many other job descriptions which are not explored around here;
  • how to prepare the documentation in your fashion business in order to appear professional in your dealings with your clients;
  • how to approach your customer and conduct yourself in such a way that they will be begging for your services and pay whatever you ask them to pay;
  • check
    how to create invoices and receipts for billing purposes;
  • check
    how to do a proper costing for your products in order to set an ideal selling price to enable you make a profit;
  • check
    how to start your clothing line regardless of if you want to set up a production unit or outsource your production to a garment production house;
  • check
    how to build business structures in your fashion business by looking at the accounting, the tax, the legal and the administrative sides to running a fashion business; 
  • check
    how to track your business finances using an online accounting software.

So how much will it cost again you ask?

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design is in 2 stages.

Each stage is a combination of multiple courses so you get REAL value for money!


Stage 1 lasts 3 months while Stage 2 lasts 6 months.  Since there are no classes on public holidays, we ask students to plan for a year.

Course Fees:

Stage 1 costs N250,000 only and there is an extra refundable caution fee of N20,000 which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.  This makes a total of N270,000.  This includes your training materials and toolkits.  You will, however, need to provide your fabrics for your project.

Stage 2 costs N280,000 with the N20,000 refundable fees as well to make a total of N300,000 only.

Ok so what if I can already sew well? Do I have to start from scratch again?!

Nope!  You can simply register for the Advanced Course in Fashion Design instead.  ​Click here to know all about it.

It lasts 8 months and costs N385,000 only! Add the refundable caution fee and it makes a total of N405,000.

Isn't that a bargain???  

That's even less than N50,000 per month for the amazing benefits you get!  

And the knowledge remains with you for life!!!

And trust me!  Many many of our students make their money back right from the Beginners Stage through practising what they have learnt during the Course, testing their ideas on their target market and charging for their work!  

That is part of what we encourage them to do to help them conquer the fear in a learning environment, make their mistakes while we are there to guide them before they start their fashion business.

What if I am just interested in the Creative and Fashion Illustration Course?

Oh that's not a problem either.  The Creative Course Course is also available as a stand-alone option.  

It is a 3-in-1 Course which includes:

  • Concept Development and Creating a Fashion Collection;
  • Manual Fashion Illustration; and
  • Digital Fashion Illustration.

It lasts 8 weeks and you can select from the weekday or the weekend option as well. 

Course Fees are N90,000 only and covers your training materials but you need to come with your digital tablet or your smartphone.

Click on the link below for more information:

Unleash Your Creativity in the

Design, Fashion Illustration and Computer-Aided Design Course

And the beauty behind this Course as well is it sets you up to actually become a Fashion Illustrator, creating designs or simply sketching for designers for a fee and you are not involved in the sewing at att! Another awesome income stream which does not interfere with your current fashion business!

Awesome!  Awesome stuff!

The best time to LIVE your Fashion Dreams is NOW!

Many many of our students make their money back right from the Beginners Stage so why procrastinate?

Register NOW since we have Limited Seats Available....

Do I have to pay everything at once?
Oh no.  Of course we prefer it but you can pay for each stage in 2 instalments.

Beginners:  Deposit N150,000 and balance due during the Course.
Advanced:  Deposit N205,000 and balance due during the Course.

I work during the week.  What do I do?
Oh not to worry!  We have weekend courses available for you so you are not left out as well.  The fees are exactly the same but you will come on Saturdays only from 12 - 6.  We know you have had a hectic week so we need you to sleep in a little before starting class. :-D

So how do I register?!

Reserving a seat is easy!

Simply click on the Register Now button to pay by bank or debit card.

If you prefer manually, you can do so by paying the fees by cash / online transfer into the bank account below:

Account Name: Martwayne Limited

Account Number: 023 710 3843

Bank: GTBank

Once this is done, please contact us on telephone on:

0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877

or chat to us on WhatsApp: 08097876075

so we can prepare for your training materials.

Classes hold at 8 Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos.

Please! Please!! Please!!! note that you need to register before the Course starts.  We need time to prepare your training materials and buy your toolkits since we do not sell them here.  We actually go to the market to buy them for you.

If you have questions or to get notified about start dates and other information, please sign up below.

Join the Martwayne Family!

We work hard and play hard!


Register NOW - and take ownership of your future!


+ Lots of FUN -Guaranteed!!!

So try it out!  Take these steps:

Step 1:  

Click on the button below to register electronically


Pay the fees by cash or bank transfer into:

Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank

Step 2:  

Call 0818 395 8856  /  0903 498 5877

OR SMS / WhatsApp 0809 787 6075.

Step 3:

Show up on your start dates at 10am prompt!  

We cannot wait to have you over!   

And please tell your friends and other colleagues about us!  The more the merrier!  

Muchos gracias! :-D

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