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Why This Online Course is So Great

.I’ll start with the problem.

Many small businesses are caving under huge costs which they never seem to be able to cover.  And the reason is simple.  They don’t charge prices that will cover their costs with something left over.  After speaking with so many entrepreneurs, the real problem appears to be in multiple folds:

1.  Some don’t seem to know about some costs;

2.  Some know about these costs but don’t know how to bill for them; and

3.  Some know about these costs but don’t want to bill for them for fear of losing their customers. This ends up being counter-productive since if they run out of business, these same customers will go elsewhere. 

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Extract from Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit EBook

Comes Free with this Online Course

When there is no cash to run the business, the owner is frustrated and the business shuts down!

So the How to Price Your Product & Make a Profit Online Course will help you stay in business & also grow your business by helping you calculate your selling price and so you can charge the true value of your work. You will have the key to setting prices by using a simple cost plus pricing formula that shows you exactly how to calculate the selling price of a  product.

And best of all, it comes with the Built2Bill Price Calculator for FREE which takes the guesswork out of how to price your product so you can bill appropriately, cut your costs, stand confidently behind your prices and make enough cash and profit to remain in business. 

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The Built2Bill Price Calculator does the work for you!  You will know exactly how much costs you incur per product and determine how much you should charge for the product.  It is so easy to use. Just input your figures and the price comes out.  And you can use it over and over again.  

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So tell me, wouldn’t you want to:

–  learn how to price your product or service;

–  understand a simple cost-plus pricing formula;

–  increase your confidence to charge what your work is worth;

–  cut down on your costs to increase your cash flow;

–  generate the income you deserve from your business; and

–  finally make enough money to pay yourself a salary!


What You Will Learn in the Course

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Learn business concepts in simple language wherever you are in the world. Understand in concise non-technical language:

  • what is costing and pricing;
  • the importance of costing and pricing;
  • how to identify the various costs that go into a product to arrive at a proper selling price;
  • how to determine the impact of these costs on your bottom line;
  • a simple costing and pricing formula using the cost plus strategy;
  • how to charge each cost to each product or service;
  • how to cut down on costs to increase your cash flow and profit;
  • how to set a proper selling price and grow your income;
  • how to make business decisions based on fact & data; and
  • how to build your confidence to charge the prices you deserve.


Real Reviews from Real People

‘You are truly a good teacher.  Just finished the Costing Class.  Despite the fact that I already learnt Costing before, but wanted to know if there is more to what I learnt.  Honestly, I must say I didn’t waste my money.  You are truly a good teacher as I was told.  Your students do vouch for you and are proud they attended Martwayne.’


Course Content


Introduction to the Course


Download 1: Short 15-minute Read: Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit PDF EBook


Download 2: Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit Audiobook


Pre-Course Assignment


How to Price Your Products & Make a Profit: 83-minute Video Course


Download 3: Built2Bill Price Calculator


Instructional Video: How to Use the Built2Bill Price Calculator to Cut Costs, Compute Your Prices & Make a Profit


Post Course Assignment


Certificate on Successful Completion of the Course


Meet Your Instructor

Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

FOUNDER, martwayne

As an ex-accountant myself who resigned to go to fashion school, I know how difficult it is to learn new concepts in order to run a productive and viable business, especially when delivered online.

This Online Fashion Business Course was created to explain the hardest concepts in the simplest language.  It is for every aspiring and practising business owner who sells a product and needs to urgently turn their business around. Learn the cost plus pricing method and know how to calculate the selling price of your work.

Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course?  Simple!  We teach our concepts from scratch. We are GREAT at what we do!  It's time to take that plunge and turn your passion for fashion to profit.


Course Fees

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Video Course

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Online Course + Built2Bill Price Calculator + EBook + Audiobook + PDF Course Handout + Course Certificate!

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Built2Bill Price Calculator

Comes with free ebook

Get the Built2Bill Price Calculator + Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit PDF at only:

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