FEC 6 Pictures!!!

Hello Everyone!!!  Yes it has been a very busy 2 weeks with the Juniors Course and planning FEC 6.  It has been a pretty busy month but as always very fulfilling.  FEC 6 has come and gone and I am looking forward to the very last FEC which will hold next month! 😀 😀 :-D.  After this, reruns of the previous courses will be made available on request. 

BUT before then… 

We all know what this month’s course was about… “How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line”.  Yes… that’s the flyer…

… and that’s a picture of me doing my thing… 😉

And as always we approached the topic of selling the items in your clothing line from a different but very practical angle.  Mr Seye Amusa of Acuity Solicitors was, once again, on hand to teach how to increase your sales through effective networking and the day was also filled with barrels and barrels of laughs.

Sadly I don’t have a lot of pictures, especially of my training session :-(… Long story… but at least I have a few to share.

Enjoy them!

Seye doing what he knows how to do best…
Yup!  And that was how the day went… and I am really thankful first to God… and to the participants who showed up despite the horrid traffic… AND Ijeoma all the way from Makurdi!  I was really tripped and honoured.  Our regulars for the constant encouragement… and also for helping me market the course… God bless you loads!  Seye Amusa, I am completely grateful.  My staff, Tunde and support assistant, Folake.  You guys are the best.  We pulled it off despite being severely short staffed. And my videographer, Mr Sunday…. thank you loads!  To my advertisers…especially Vanguard, thank you for the free post on Thursday!  And finally to those who really wanted to make it but couldn’t, I completely understand!  Thank you for contacting me all the same.

To everyone else, especially the followers of the blog, God bless you plenty!  Thank you so very much!  I see I have had over 40,000 hits!  Wow!  I should send this link to some lady in a fashion magazine I sent a mail to when searching for an internship in my final year.  She told me I should stick to designing and not bother about writing.  I had to really bite my tongue to keep myself from sending her a stinker.  Just goes to show that once you have your mind set on something, just go ahead and do it, regardless of what people think!  

Anywayz, y’all have a great and successful week ahead!  Enjoy the rest of August 2012!  See you at FEC 7 by God’s grace!

  • jane says:

    Trust you to always deliver, i wouldn't want to miss the next FEC.

  • T.Williams says:

    Thank you Jane. And it will be great to see you there.

    Have a great week!