Being a fashion business owner can be tough. As a fashion entrepreneur, you face unique challenges from the start-up stage; all through the business expansion stages. Staying motivated is challenging because you realize that knowing how to sew, understanding how to start a fashion business and successfully starting and sustaining one are entirely different things. If you want to launch a profitable fashion business, achieve success in your already established business, start your fashion line or successfully structure your business, the Martwayne Online Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) is perfect for you.

Achieve breakthrough success in fashion entrepreneurship

‘‘As a fashion entrepreneur myself, I have encountered challenges like those you may currently be facing as a fashion business owner. In this course, I have put together tried and trusted lessons that have personally helped me run my successful fashion business. I am certain these critical lessons will help you too.’’

-Tope Williams Adewunmi, Founder, Martwayne.

At Martwayne, FEC is one of our comprehensive fashion courses designed to help you overcome major stress areas in fashion entrepreneurship. The Course bridges the gap between technical fashion design skills and practical knowledge on how to maximise these skills and actually run a profitable business.

Acquire the 4 key skills of successful fashion entrepreneurs

‘’…About 50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years of start-up’’ -Small Business Trends

In the business of fashion, there are 4 critical areas that many entrepreneurs struggle with. A lot of fashion businesses fail because entrepreneurs are unable to:

  • Cost products and services correctly.
  • Effectively manage the production processes of their clothing lines.
  • Build sustainable structures and run the administrative aspects of their business.
  • Track their finances, stay within budget and determine whether the business is running at a profit or loss.

If you are a fashion entrepreneur or you intend to become one in the future, the sustainability of your business is at great risk if you do not equip yourself to navigate these challenges. You need this course if:

  • You are a hard-working fashion entrepreneur who hardly makes any profit;
  • You want to start a successful fashion business;
  • You have a fashion design business plan, but you are unsure about how to actually start a fashion brand;
  • You are a great fashion designer, but know nothing about running a fashion business;
  • You are passionate about fashion and would like to start a clothing line;
  • You have started your clothing line but are unable to effectively manage the production process;
  • You cannot manage the administrative of financial aspects of your fashion business;
  • You have a promising fashion business that lacks structure; and
  • You do not know whether your fashion business is running at a profit or a loss.  
Fashion Entrepreneurship Course

Martwayne's Fashion Entrepreneurship Course is a 4-in-1 Course that tackles the problems of a typical fashion entrepreneur trying to make the business work. The topics treated in the Course are vital to every fashion business and ensures business owners understand the mistakes they are making and how to change the course of events and make their businesses work and earn or grow their income. It is an Online Course so you can register wherever you are in the world!

What’s in this course

This course introduces you to 4 critical areas in the fashion business:

Costing and Pricing

You will learn:

  • How to profitably cost your clothes.
  • How to sell your clothes at a favourable mark-up percentage.
  • How to offer your services at a rate that works for both you and your customers.
  • How to understand your expenses and effectively apply techniques for calculating costs and profit; and
  • To apply key pricing strategies benchmark against industry standards.

How to Start a Clothing Line

You will learn:

  • What you need to do before selling your clothes;
  • How to manage the production process;
  • How to engage your production team and ensure your designs are correctly interpreted; and
  • How to minimise common mistakes and navigate challenges that come with the production process.

Building Structures in Your Fashion Business

You will learn:

  • How to organise your business and incorporate consistency in your processes; and
  • How to manage the accounting, tax, legal and administrative sides to running a fashion business.

Tracking Your Business Finances with an Online Accounting System

You will learn:

  • How to ascertain the profitability of your business;
  • How to use an online accounting software to track your business finances;
  • To introduce financial accountability in your business; and
  • A simple step by step guide to setting up an accounting system for your fashion business.

Here’s what people are saying about the course



You are truly a good teacher. Just finished the costing class. Despite the fact that I already learnt costing before, but wanted to know if there is more to what I learnt. Honestly I must say I didn't waste my money. You are truly a good teacher as I was told. Your students do vouch for you and are proud they attended Martwayne. How I wish I could be that confident of my school. Thanks for rendering a good service.

Entwine Clothing

Fashion Entrepreneur

I want to say thank you for this course. It was really helpful and worth every kobo. Doing this all through three nights even when we were sleeping and you wait for us to take our time and watch and you take our questions later.  You're simply awesome at all levels. God bless you for this. 



Hello Ma'am. I am watching Building Structures in your Fashion Business Course...learning a whole lot. Thank you.


Get 4 for the price of 1

The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) is a 4-in-1 online course. This means that you get a comprehensive course with 4 major modules for the price of 1!


Module 1:
Costing, Pricing & How to Sell Your Clothes to Make a Profit


Module 2:
How to Start Your Clothing Line (The Clothing Production Process)


Module 3: 

Building Structures in Your Fashion Business

(The Accounting, Tax, Legal and Administrative Sides to running a Fashion Business)


Module 4:
Tracking Your Business Finances with an Online Accounting Software

(A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Accounting System)

Course Fees: N70,000 / $205


Pay via bank transfer and contact us:

Martwayne Limited  |  023 710 3843  |  GTBank

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About the Founder

My name is Tope Williams Adewunmi and I am a fashion entrepreneur.  I run Martwayne and what we do at Martwayne is give people 'Power Through Fashion' by helping them turn their love for fashion into a viable business. 

We have trained many people at Martwayne from different works of life.  As an ex-accountant myself who resigned to go to fashion school, I understand first-hand how difficult it must be to leave a comfort zone to pursue the unknown.  We have been privileged to work with bankers, lawyers, accountants, fashion designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, students and so many people - all brought together by their love for fashion.  Many have gone on to establish their own businesses while some students have partnered with each other to set up clothing lines. 

We love seeing our people grow as their success is ours. Which is why we go the extra mile to give you the tools you need to ensure you have a solid foundation by improving on your existing knowledge.

There is always something new to learn and our job is to develop your innate creative abilities and help you discover new and more efficient ways of doing things in a fun and conducive environment.

About the Martwayne E-learning Platform

We know first-hand what it feels like to learn new concepts in order to improve skills and charge higher prices.  We also understand how challenging some students find online learning. 

Our online courses were also created to get our courses to students who do not live in our location but also want to benefit from our knowledge.  Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course? 

Simple!  We teach our concepts from scratch because we also learnt the concepts from scratch in a very jovial atmosphere.  Learning new concepts can be daunting but we had to make it fun for you! I learnt everything from scratch myself.  

You've seen our testimonials so you know we are GREAT at what we do!  It's time for you to take that plunge too and start to earn some serious income from your fashion business!

Here's to Your Success...

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne | Fashion School


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