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by: Martwayne | Fashion School

Learn manual and digital fashion illustration in this fashion course which teaches you how to develop your designs from scratch, how to create fashion collections, how to create fashion sketches and how to use a digital fashion illustration app all from scratch!

The Challenge

You love fashion!  You have always wanted to become a fashion designer.  In fact you have even gone the extra mile to learn how to sew BUT deep down something is missing!  You can only sew!  You cannot come up with your own designs!  So before you can deliver, you have to look through Asoebi Bella or fashion magazines.  

One look and I knew instantly why she did not make the list. 

Not long after that, I spoke with another lady who had just resigned her job but was worried because she was not sure if she could really cope since she knows deep down she is not creative as such.  

I hear stories like this all the time which is why at Martwayne,

we are all about creativity!  Yes!  

We are teaching the creative sides of fashion!

'Before I went to fashion school, I could not draw to save myself, much less communicate my ideas (if I even had any at all) on paper.  I could not even draw a straight line without a ruler.  I learnt everything FROM SCRATCH!'

Yup!  This is my story!  I was there once so I completely identify with your concerns.  But guess what?!  I learnt every single thing that I know now FROM SCRATCH!

And that is also how we plan to teach you!  FROM SCRATCH!

So if you have questions like:

-  I am not creative, can I start a fashion business?

- I applied to a fashion school but I was asked to submit a portfolio, what is that?!

-  Why do my tailors keep spoiling my work?

-  How do people come up with all these amazing designs?

Not to worry, as I said before, we will teach you all from scratch!

And who am I?! Just a quick introduction!

My name is Tope Williams-Adewunmi and I am a fashion entrepreneur.  I run Martwayne and what we do at Martwayne is give you Power through Fashion by helping you turn your love for fashion into a viable business.  

We run short fashion courses at Martwayne targeted at the creative, the practical and the business of fashion!

So if you are on the verge of entering for competitions, applying to fashion schools, starting your fashion business and/or  meeting with customers, but you are panicking, fret not!  You are in the right place!

Our Short Course in Design, Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design is perfect for you if you are a complete beginner or if you can already draw but wish to enhance your skills!

Goodness!  Wouldn't you love to learn how to draw like this?!

I often tell people that if customers give you a magazine to copy, then I doubt they consider you a designer at all.  And that is where a lot of designers I chat to have found themselves.  And this is simply because, without a portfolio, you cannot get your customers to choose from your designs.  It is just that simple! 

To really succeed as a fashion designer or start a clothing line, you need to learn how to sketch, how to develop portfolios, how to develop collections and how to defend them!  Operating as a designer definitely earns you more respect from your customers and also get them to choose from your designs.  And this Course is here to teach you just that!  :-D

Don't believe me?!  Ok... just check out this work from previous students who have registered on the Course.  They all learnt from scratch!

Student defending their creative project

Fashion Illustration Class at Martwayne

From pencil sketch to final garment!

These stunning dresses were created by a student based on a class project on the theme 'Electric'.  

AND these stunners were also created by 2 different students based on the same theme - 'Electric'.  

Amazing how Design works right?!  Same theme,  different people, different concepts, different interpretations!

How do you even begin to think of designing a dress from a word as random as electric right?!  But they designed it, they defended it and they completed it in time for the runway!

And THAT is the beauty of Fashion Design!

Trust me when I tell you the hardest part of the process is coming up with the designs.  It is a lot of sheer hard work!  If it was that easy people would not be waiting for others to do the hard work so they can copy it!  Which is why in other countries you could get sued for stealing designs!   

SO!  If this is You:

You want to move away from customised clothing to ready to wear;

You have so many creative ideas - in fact you dream designs but have no clue how to put down the thoughts going on in your head;

You tell your tailor one thing and s/he gives you something else;

You see so many amazing designs on the runway and wonder how on earth those people came up with such amazing creations;

You are intimidated by other people's creativity;

You feel you are not creative and want to learn how to be creative (YES it can be learnt once you understand the process);

You are looking for a 2nd source of income as a fashion designer - yes Fashion Illustration is a career in the fashion industry and I know people who make tons of money just sketching people's ideas for them;

You want to start a clothing line or set up a fashion house and would love to create your own designs;

You would also love to see your designs on the runway at any of the fashion shows taking place during Fashion Week and also in fashion magazines;

You love designing women's clothing including high fashion and would love to sell your designs;

You do not understand how colours and fabrics work and would love to learn it;

You are just plain tired of copying people's work!

If you have answered yes to a lot of these questions, then it's time to be the fashion designer you were destined to be!

It's time to sign up for our creative course 

the design, fashion illustration & CAD course

if our students can learn it from scratch, so can you!

So What Will You Learn?

The Course is basically 3-in-1!  Yes!  It is 3 whole Courses in 1!

Part 1:

Concept Development in Fashion Design & Developing a Fashion Collection

Part 2:

Manual Illustration

Part 3:

Digital Illustration

Students will learn from scratch how to:

  • develop a fashion collection and portfolio;
  • develop designs from a source of inspiration;
  • understand the tools fashion designers work with in designing clothes;
  • check
    understand colours and fabrics and the implications on their designs;
  • check
    understand technical drawings in order to be able to effectively communicate their designs to their tailors and production team;
  • check
    draw a fashion figure or fashion croquis right from using straight lines and circles;
  • check
    draw body and spinal movements;
  • check
    draw facial features and hair;
  • check
    create technical drawings and design details such as necklines, sleeves, collars, etc.
  • check
    render (what we pretty much know as colouring) the fashion figure and clothes;
  • check
    digitally enhance their manual illustrations with a digital app turning your  manual illustrations from drab to fab;
  • check
    develop a portfolio for use during fashion competitions, fashion school applications and client consultations.... and the list goes on really...

And the best part is... there are various options available whether you are a beginner or a fab illustrator who wants to learn only specific portions of the Course to enhance your skills!

Check out the pictures from previous classes for each of the parts:

Part 1: Concept Development

My favourite part of the Course is listening to them defend their designs. Awesome stuff!

Part 2:

Manual Fashion Illustration

Part 3:

Digital Illustration

And of course as always, we LOVE to share feedback!

And you know what the best part is?!  

You can choose to do all 3 parts (which is of course what I would advise) OR decide which of the parts you want to learn based on your level of experience, your finances or your time.

So say, for example, you already know how to sketch beautifully but all you want to learn is how to use CAD to add that extra oomph to your designs, you can just register for Part 3!  

Yes!  It is really that simple!  

Why pay to learn what you already know right?!

So let us tell you a bit about what you stand to gain from the Course!

Benefits of the Course

Let's just say you never really know what you are capable of until you are pushed!  None of our students only knew they had it in them when they were done with the Course.  

I recall a previous class where a student whose project I initially rejected, repeated it and came up with an AWESOME collection based on medical injections - just in time for an exhibition in Italy!  I was blown away!

In another class, we actually discovered that a student got her target market wrong based on her designs.  She thought her target market was aged 24 - 35 whilst her designs showed she should have been targeting a market for sophisticated women aged 40 and above.  Without this  exercise, she would have been frustrated and would have made made ZERO sales because she would have been marketing her work to the wrong people.  It was a real eye opener.  

PLUS!  You are actually on your way to establishing yourself as a fashion illustrator who designers can patronize!  Easy!  A previous student just resigned her job to focus on fashion illustration as a career and I have already referred people to her!  So really, you will make your money back easy!

So the Course goes beyond just you learning how to draw!  It helps you know who you really are as a fashion designer and if you love fashion sketching, then you can easily establish yourself as one!  PLUS you also learn the value of learning from constructive criticism.  Trust me the Course is the ISH!

And you would expect it to cost an arm, a leg and 5 ribs right?!  WRONG!  Even though the value of the Course should be about N250,000 (and yes you do have 3 courses all rolled up in 1),  we would not do that to you!  

The full Course costs only N90,000!


you can choose either the weekday class or the weekend class.

So yes!  If you have a full-time job or you live outside Lagos, you can register for the weekend option which happens on Saturdays only from 10am - 6pm.

Weekday students who have a more flexible schedule can attend classes on Tuesdays only from 10am to 5pm.

Students completing the creative and fashion illustration course

So what are my options and the Course Fees?

Here is the breakdown of the fees and the different options available.  The fees include your training materials but you will need your digital tablet or a smartphone if you are running the CAD option.

The various options available are:

Option 1 (Full Course):  

Parts 1-3 - N90,000

Option 2 (Concept Development only):

Part 1 only - N35,000

Option 3 (Fashion Illustration + CAD):

Parts 2 & 3 only - N75,000

Option 4: (Manual Illustration OR Digital Illustration only):

Part 2 OR Part 3 only - N60,000

Option 5: (Design + Fashion Illustration OR CAD)

Part 1 + Part 2 or Part 3 only - N70,000

How to Register

Registration is easy!  

Simply click on the button below to make payment via bank or card!  

Not to worry our site is secure and our payment partners are credible as well!

You can also register manually.

Simply pay the fees into our bank account:

Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843 at any GTBank branch

Please contact us through any of the means to confirm payment.

Telephone (9am - 5pm, Mondays to Fridays):

+ 234 818 395 8856   |  + 234 903 498 5877 

WhatsApp: +234 809 787 6075

Instagram: @martwayne

E-Mail: updates@martwayne.com

Please note that registration before the start date is vital to enable us prepare your training materials.

All classes take place at our Training Center at 8, Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere - Lagos.

You are welcome to visit us before the start date before you register.

Join us on the start date at the scheduled time prompt!  

We always start early so please be here early!

I'll leave you with this video of a student defending her project with the theme: "Back to the Future - a link between the past and the future":

Click on the link: 

Project Defence from our Design, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course

If our students can do such an awesome job, so can you!

Oh PS before I leave...

Please note that this is not a Sewing Course.  

If you would like to learn how to sew or you would like to perfect your sewing skills, please clink on any of the links below.  This Course is already part of the Course outline.  They are full Courses with multiple modules which also include sewing, pattern making and the business of fashion as well.

Click on these links to know more about our Sewing Courses:

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