Patternmaking and Transformational Reconstruction

Learn the Art of 3D Patternmaking and Transformational Reconstruction in this awesome Course that will turn you into

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Advanced Patternmaking and Transformational Reconstruction!  It sounds really posh right?!  I know… and it is posh!  Do you love ART?!  We know we do at Martwayne!  And this Course is not just another pattern making course.  It is ART in its true form!  Yes!  In 3D!  Meaning your designs will have depth!  And yes ART is in Block Capitals for a reason!  We are talking real COUTURE & HIGH FASHION here!  I am excited just thinking about it!  Why?!  Because I have had a taste of this Course and was amazed at what I created!  That is our work in the flyer!  And those were just samples!
If you are bored of doing the same thing over and over again, and you would love to carve out great garments, you need to register for this Course.  It will take your creativity to another level!  Just think of it!  With this Course, what you think of and what you can imagine can be achieved!
We have all heard about Shingo Sato.  He is a Master in Origami Techniques and Transformational Reconstruction!  His work is just amazing and this Course teaches not just the technique but different ways to apply them!  It is a really awesome Course!×576.jpg

Ever seen those ‘hectictly’ complicated styles on the runway and wondered how they were created?!  I also wondered until I learnt them!  And I tell you – that knowledge is truly amazing!  The techniques are pretty simple if you understand the principles.  Which is exactly how we will teach the Course.  No frills!  No thrills!  No complicated language!  Just easy peasy techniques that can be applied whichever way you wish in any garment of your choice.

And the best part is, we will not just show you how to create the patterns, we will also teach you how to sew them!  After all, what is a pattern if you do not know how to convert it into a garment right?!  So although it is predominantly a patternmaking course, there will be just a little bit of sewing so it all makes more sense!

About the Patternmaking and Transformational Reconstruction Course:

This Course is an advanced course for  designers who can already sew and are already familiar with patternmaking, especially dart manipulation.  Don’t worry, if you are a bit rusty on your dart manipulation technique, we will run a refresher just before the Course starts proper.
It will include various 3D techniques as well as transformational reconstruction which is pretty much draping on the flat.  You are in for an awesome awesome treat in this Course!
Course Fees & Duration:
This intensive Course lasts for 6 weeks and classes will hold 3 days a week from 10am – 4pm.
Course Fees are N150,000 only.



How to Register:
Registration is easy!  Payment of the fees into the following account secures your seat on the Course:
Martwayne Limited account, 023 710 3843, GTBank
Classes hold at our Fashion Training Center at 8 Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere – Lagos.
Please feel free to visit us ahead of time to check us out before you pay.  We have limited seats in the class so payment is required prior to the class to enable us get your materials ready.
Contact Details:
For more details, please contact us through the following means:
Telephone or Whatsapp: 0809 787 6075
Instagram: @martwayne
or via e-mail:
Please register early before the Start Date so we can prepare for you.
So get ready for it!  This Patternmaking and Transformational Reconstruction Course is guaranteed to be awesome!  We look forward to seeing you on Day 1!
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Want to take your Art to another level? You need this Course! Register for it now!

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