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Learn How to 

Stop Running out of Cash in Your Business by Getting Paid the True Value of Your Work

- Do you feel your work is underpriced and unappreciated by your customers?

- Are you struggling to pay your bills because you are out of cash?

- Do you work so hard but have nothing to show for it at the end of each month?

- Do you have great plans to expand your business but lack the funding?

- Would you like to learn a simple formula that will enable you:

# charge your worth;

# grow your income;

# expand your business;

# generate funds from within; and

# finally pay yourself a salary?



Is this You?

I feel like I'm a failure. I have spent the whole of this year doing one fashion thing or the other, yet nothing to show for it.  I sometimes tell myself to just forget about it.  Spent money too here and there. Don't even know what next to do.  It's ok.  Such is life

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It's the end of the month and you're panicking.  Your bank account is empty and there's nothing left over to pay your bills. You're struggling, you're angry and you're frustrated!  

After all the busy days and sleepless nights delivering to so many customers, all your hard work vanishes at the end of every month.   

All you do is pay bills, staff salaries and run a business that, if you were honest with yourself, takes so much from you without giving anything back.  

You are overworked, you are broke, you can't afford to pay yourself a salary (in fact you invest all you have in the business), the situation is completely depressing and frankly you've had enough!

What if I show you a solution to this never-ending rat race that will ensure you make lots of income, grow your revenue and ensure you finally pay yourself a decent salary? 

It's Time to Transform Your Business!

Costing & Pricing Course

This Course will help you grow your business by charging the true value of your work.  Now you have the key to setting prices by using a simple cost and pricing formula that teaches you how to price your product or service and calculate the selling price of your work.

This Course is for you if you want to:

-  learn how to compute and price a product or service;

-  understand a simple cost-plus pricing formula;

-  increase your confidence to charge what your work is worth;

-  cut down on your costs to increase your cash flow;

-  generate the income you deserve from your business; and

-  finally make enough money to pay yourself a salary!

Now You can Run 

a Viable Business!

A major reason for business failure is the inability to function due to lack of cash as a result of improper costing and pricing.  Proper costing and pricing ensures there is enough cash to meet all costs, keep the business functioning and earn enough profit. 

This profit can then be ploughed back into the business or paid out as dividends to compensate you, the business owner, (and shareholders if any) for all your hard work!  So how exactly do you allocate all those costs to each product?  In comes our Online Course on Costing & Pricing.

Costing & Pricing Online Course

This detailed Video Course gives an in-depth look at how exactly to charge each of these costs to each product and also suggests a profit margin. 

Real Reviews from Real People!

"You are truly a good teacher.  Just finished the Costing Class.  Despite the fact that I already learnt Costing before, but wanted to know if there is more to what I learnt.  Honestly I must say I didn't waste my money.  You are truly a good teacher as I was told.  Your students do vouch for you and are proud they attended Martwayne."

Adebisi, Entrepreneur

What Will You Learn?

Learn Fashion Online

This course was designed for you to learn business concepts in simple language wherever you are in the world.Learn in concise non-technical language how to: 

-  identify the various costs that go into a product or a service to arrive at a proper selling price;

-  determine the impact of these costs on your bottom line;

-  cut down on costs to increase your cash flow and profit;

-  charge each cost to each product or service;

-  set a proper selling price and grow your income;

-  make business decisions based on fact & data; and

-  build your confidence to charge the prices you deserve.


What You Get When You Sign Up

  • BONUS 1:  Free EBook 'The Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing'
  • BONUS 2:  Free Audiobook 'The Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing'
  • BONUS 3:  Free PDF Handout of the topics covered for constant reference
  • BONUS 4:  Post-Course Access* for continuous practice of the modules *for 3 months
  • BONUS 5:  Exclusive Membership to the Martwayne Online Community during the Post-Course Access Period
  • BONUS 6:  Certificate of Completion at the end of the Course 

Get Instant Access to the 

Online Course in Costing & Pricing

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Ready to Move

from Passion to Profit?

Tope Williams Adewunmi Martwayne

Tope Williams-Adewunmi  

Founder, Martwayne

Hello!  I'm excited to have you join our Online Course in Costing & Pricing.  As a South-African trained Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur with years of experience as a Business Owner, I have personally experienced the challenges that you must be facing. 

I started my company from scratch and spent several years running a business that left me constantly under pressure.  I was out of cash and literally spent all I earned on the business with nothing to show for it.  Despite working in one of the Big Four Global Accounting Firms and knowing a lot about figures, I found myself drowning as an entrepreneur.

It was until I went back to the drawing board in a bid to understand where exactly where my money was going to and how to turn things around that things started to make sense.  Imagine how I felt when I was finally able to pay myself a salary!

I learnt the hard way and  you don't have to make the same mistakes I made.  This Course will signal a game-changing moment for you as you take this critical step to turning your passion to profit. 


More Testimonials

'Just wanted to say thank you for the insights I am learning from your Course.  I can't believe I have been running a charity fashion house.  I haven't been making anything.'


'Interesting insight into what I have done for over 30 years.  I won't say I've not given much thought to all you wrote but sincerely, I've not had the guts to apply them.  Looking forward to learn more about this on the online course.'

Sam, Fashion Entrepreneur

'I got the pricing guide. It's really helpful.  I didn't consider some things initially.  It's still a little hard to put together given that some policies are not in place and spending records are ignored.  But now I know where to start and what is needed.'

Bola, Entrepreneur

'I have gone through the package and I know this is just a tip of the iceberg.  Can't wait to enrol for the online class.  Thank you Ma.'

Joy, Entrepreneuer

Why wait when you can take control?

Limited Time Offer Expires in



Satisfaction Guarantee

Very Secure Checkout Process

powered by Shopify

Pay via debit or card card,

direct bank transfers & Paypal

For direct bank payments or Paypal, 

please submit your details after payment through this link:

Your purchase will be verified and delivered to you within 24 hours.

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