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pricing pdf

Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work for Profit PDF Book

A fun quick read that shows how to calculate the selling price using cost plus pricing.

Built2Bill Price Calculator

An all-in-one Price Calculator, Discount Calculator, Profit Calculator, Cost Calculator, Break-even Calculator and Cash Flow Planner that does the work for you! Simply inout your figures and the price comes out instantly!

Cost plus pricing

How to Price Your Product for Profit with Built2Bill Webinar

A Webinar packed full with information to help you cut costs and make a profit.

PLUS a FREE Entry into our Built2Bill Community 

Where you can ask questions and receive answers to your pricing issues

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'You are truly a good teacher.  Just finished the Costing Class.  Despite the fact that I already learnt Costing before, but wanted to know if there is more to what I learnt.  Honestly I must say I didn't waste my money.  You are truly a good teacher as I was told.  Your students do vouch for you and are proud they attended Martwayne.'

- Adebisi (Entrepreneur)

'Just wanted to say thank you for the insights I am learning from your Course.  I can't believe I have been running a charity fashion house.  I haven't been making anything.'

- Ayo (Entrepreneur)

Get the:

  • - Costing & Pricing EBook

    - Built2Bill Price Calculator

  • - How to Price Your Product for Profit Webinar

  • - FREE Entry into our Facebook Community

  • All these for a Discounted Offer of only

N10,000 | USD$25.24

N5,000 | USD$12.62!

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Someone you know needs this.

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