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Cost plus pricing

How to Price Your Product & Make a Profit Online Course

An 83-Minute Video Course packed full with information to help you cut costs and make a profit.

price calculator

Built2Bill Price Calculator

A Business Tool that does the work for you! Simply inout your figures and the price comes out instantly!

pricing pdf

How to Price Your Product & Make a Profit PDF Handout

A Detailed Handout of all that was taught in the Online Course for constant reference. 

pricing pdf

Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit PDF EBook

A fun quick read that shows how to calculate the selling price using cost plus pricing.

and a Course Certificate

To display proudly on your social media portals and showcase your achievements

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Real Reviews from Real People!

'You are truly a good teacher.  Just finished the Costing Class.  Despite the fact that I already learnt Costing before, but wanted to know if there is more to what I learnt.  Honestly I must say I didn't waste my money.  You are truly a good teacher as I was told.  Your students do vouch for you and are proud they attended Martwayne.'

- Adebisi (Entrepreneur)

'Just wanted to say thank you for the insights I am learning from your Course.  I can't believe I have been running a charity fashion house.  I haven't been making anything.'

- Ayo (Entrepreneur)

Now You Can Finally Run a Profitable Business!

This Bundle Package was designed for you to learn business concepts in simple language wherever you are in the world.  

Now you will no longer find it difficult to set a price for your products again or know your cost of production. 

With this Offer, you will know in concise non-technical language how to: 

- know exactly how much costs you incur per product;

- determine your profit margin;

- know how much you should charge for each product;

- decide how much discount to give your customers without the business suffering;

- stand confidently behind your prices; and best of all

- cut down on your costs, make better business decisions and finally make a profit.

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  • - Online Course

  • - Built2Bill Price Calculator

  • - Course Handout PDF

  • - EBook & Audiobook

  • - Certificate of Completion

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N11,500 | USD$44

N6,500 | USD$ 32!

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Someone you know needs this.

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