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Learn How to Sew Corsets @ Martwayne. Register for our new Short Course in Corsetry. Perfect for bridal wear designers!

And this is the last of our newest courses [at least for now :-D] and this was strictly based on demand.  We had been getting requests for this and after a lady placed yet another request for this early this year, I thought to myself – sure why not?!  And here it is – our […]


Get set for 2017! Register for our last Stream of Martwayne’s Fashion Design / Sewing Classes for 2016! Start Dates 14 & 19 November 2016.

Yes!  We are pretty much counting down to the end of 2016!  I bet those notepads are coming out for the new list of 2017 resolution and if the previous years are anything to go by, finally following your “passion for fashion” is top on the list! We know this at Martwayne which is why, […]


FAB end to our 2016 summer classes for kids (ages 9-16)! :-D

My goodness WHAT an experience!  I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this Course was…  We had SUCH a fab time with the Juniors over the summer holidays!  We actually thought “hey how hard can it be hosting children between 9 and 11?” Easy peasy right?!  Or so we thought!  Little did we know that these […]


Martwayne’s Sewing Crash Course on Zips – Another Brand Spanking NEW Course holds 23rd May 2016.

And YES this is the last in the marathon blogging session – our Sewing Crash Course on Zips! Actually it is the start of a new Series targeting different sections of garments that people struggling with.  And why did we start this Crash Course?!  Simple!  We have had many requests from people  who want to […]

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