Learn How to Sew

Learn How to Sew Corsets @ Martwayne. Register for our new Short Course in Corsetry. Perfect for bridal wear designers!

And this is the last of our newest courses [at least for now :-D] and this was strictly based on demand.  We had been getting requests for this and after a lady placed yet another request for this early this year, I thought to myself – sure why not?!  And here it is – our […]


2017 Start Dates for Martwayne’s Fashion Courses

https://max-media.imgix.net/transfers/2016/8/3/d42fdd689d2d5624d4177a98068db8ebdf1bc9ae.gif Happy New Year again everyone!!!!!!  I’m sure we had a great break!  I know I did.  BUT like everything else, all great things must somehow come to an end. So the holidays are now over and we are all back at work! 🙁 🙁 🙁   Well actually no not really… We, at Martwayne, […]


What happened to your dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Yes!  What happened to that dream?!  Year in year out we hear the same old story…. don’t worry in the New Year I will definitely pursue it.  Come first January, you get all gingered up!  Yes this time I’ll do it!  Then half way through the year, the excuses have piled up simply because of […]


Upcoming Fashion Courses @ Martwayne – Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16), Short Course in Jacket-Making & Trousers and lots more… Registration has started!

Oh-kay everyone!!!  June is almost over and we are hitting the 2nd half of the year!  And yet again, this year has just flown by!  I wonder how many of us have actually gone back to that list we made at the beginning of the year and compared it to where we are now.  I […]


Learn How to Sew / Perfect Your Sewing Skills. Register for Martwayne’s Short Fashion Courses!

So this is the start of the day long marathon posts I will be running today.  We have started a new stream of our Foundation Course in Fashion Design – which of Course starts with our Beginners Course. The Foundation Course is made up of 5 shorter Courses: – The Beginners Course – The Design […]


Hello May! Welcome to some NEW FAB Fashion & Sewing Courses @ Martwayne :-D

http://tickledpinkstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/helloMay.jpg Hello Everyone!!!!!  And welcome to May – the month where I usually go into hiding!  Why?!  Because it’s the month with the most birthdays EVER!  A lot of people I know are born in May and pretty much every family (mine inclusive) has a May baby!  I wonder why… But anywayz, this May is […]

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