Fashion Entrepreneurship Course

Claim Your Discounts People!!! The Clock is Ticking! Get Up to 20% off our Online Accounting for Fashion Businesses Course. You reach out to us and we listened!  It starts on Saturday, 25 November, 2017!  3 awesome days of planning for the future!!!   Ok so for those asking me what exactly the discount is despite the video, you get 10% off for registrations by Thursday 23rd November 2017. All my Martwayne people – […]


Accounting for Fashion Businesses – our 3-Day Fashion Entrepreneurship Course LIVE on Facebook! Starts 25 Nov. 2017 @ 7pm!

We are wrapping up on 2017!  Time to review our business performance so far and start planning for 2018!  But how do we do this if we don’t even know what our figures are like? Yes!  I know!  We designers hate figures and numbers!  All we want to do is design all day!  But remember […]


Building Structures in Your Fashion Business (Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administration) – Our next LIVE Facebook Webinar coming up Saturday 4 November 2017!

And we have been on a ROLL these past 2 Saturdays!  And it keeps getting better and better! Clearly as you can see from the testimonial! “Awesome” she said 😀  And yes it was awesome! This Saturday, we are teaching how to Build Business Structures in Your Fashion Company!  And this is literally 4 courses […]


How to Start Your Clothing Line – Our next LIVE Facebook Training comes up on Saturday, 28 October 2017 @ 7pm! Register now!

YES!  Our very 1st LIVE Facebook Course was the bomb!  Who would have thought right?!  That you could get the very same training with the opportunity to ask all your questions right from the comfort of your home!  It was SUCH a good feeling! If you missed it, you missed out!  We discussed real scenarios […]


Attend our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course RIGHT on Facebook!

Why not Facebook right?! Everyone has access to it, you can reach more people at once, have the same Q&A sessions and best of all, attend right from the comfort of your home!  So if you love fashion, maybe you are a banker considering quitting your job for fashion and have no clue how to […]


Facebook Webinar, Fashion Illustration Course, Business & Accounting Course – FAB courses this Q4 2017 at Martwayne

Hello, hello HELLO!!!  Apologies for my LONG silence.  I took a long but well-deserved break from a lot of things – including blogging but I have been really active on Instagram though.  Funny, I seem to prefer Instagram since there is a lot more engagement on my posts than on the blog but hey… keeping […]


Reasons to Register for Martwayne’s Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) starting 16 May 2016.

So I was on Facebook the other day and stumbled upon a post in a Sewing Group I belong to which I found very interesting.  I very direct, straight to the point post on the importance of knowledge in starting a business, I thought it would be very interesting to share it on the blog.  I […]


Want to Start Your Own Clothing Line? OR Are You Struggling with Your Fashion Business? Then Register for Martwayne’s Fashion Entrepreneurship Course starting 16th May 2016!

Yes we are making progress! 😀  Our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course is the next Course coming up this May.  It is an interactive training session which teaches the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line and is perfect for beginners or fashion designers who are currently struggling with their fashion businesses. The Course will run […]

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