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Learn How to Best Use The NEW Built2Bill Price Calculator with the following awesome features to help you cost and price your work and make a profit:

- Monthly Volume & Unit Sales Break-Even Tracker

- Discount Calculator

- Expense Tracker

- Calculator to Determine Your Cash Margins & MarkUps

- Total Cost & Project

on this webinar

You'll learn how to use the Built2Bill Calculator to:

- Know how many units of your product to sell each month to break-even.

- Know the lowest price you need to sell your product to break-even and prevent you from making a loss.

- Know the minimum volume of sales you need to make each month to enable you cover your costs so you can give yourself targets.

- Track all your expenses so you know how much you have spent on a product.

- Know how much margin you are making or losing when you give your customer a discount to protect yourself from running at a loss.

- Spread your costs across your different service lines to avoid over-billing and losing your customers.

About the Host:

Hi. I'm Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne & Built2Bill

A South-African trained Fashion Designer with years of business experience working in one of the Big Four Global Accounting Firms & as a Creative Entrepreneur.  I developed Built2Bill to solve the problems many business owners have with costing and pricing their products. I am certain this tool will help you solve your cash flow issues so you can run a more profitable business.

Webinar Date & Time:

Tuesday 29 Sept 2020

8:00 PM


N3,500 / $14.99 only


- Built2Bill Price Calculator

- PDF & Audiobook

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Someone you know needs this.

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