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Foundation Course in Fashion Design 


Level - Beginners - Advanced

Duration - 10 Months


The Essential Fashion Design Course for Beginners

If you have a passion for fashion and want to become a fashion designer, this Fashion Design for Beginners Course will help you take the critical leap from a complete beginner to fashion professional.  You will learn how to sew and understand key concepts which will be applied in creative design and pattern making, manual and digital fashion illustration and starting a fashion business.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Sew like a professional & start your clothing line;
  • Transform your fashion design knowledge into a viable source of income;
  • Start the fashion business of your dreams;
  • Offer quality services to other fashion businesses;
  • Monetize the different skills you have learnt; and
  • Empower yourself and others by becoming an employer of labour.
Martwayne Beginners Course in Fashion Design Student, Esther, models her design on the runway
Martwayne Advanced Student project at a fashion show
Advanced Student project on the runway


Course Offerings

Sewing & Patternmaking


  • Fashion Design for Beginners and Patternmaking Classes
  • Learn various sewing techniques for perfect finishing;
  • Take accurate body measurements and convert them into blocks and patterns;
  • Apply pattern making concepts to create your garments; 
  • Understand the patternmaking life cycle from block to working pattern and final pattern;
  • Understand the steps in garment construction and how to design clothes for beginners and advanced;
  • Create clothes with the perfect factory finish;
  • Create different styles from the standard block pattern; 
  • Grade patterns from just one standard pattern into various sizes.
  • Sew skirts, dresses, evening gowns, blouses, shirts, jumpsuits, sleeves, collars, plackets, and so on with a wide range of fabrics.

Design & Fashion Illustration


  • A 3-in-1 Creative & Fashion Illustration Course for beginners
  • Learn how to develop a fashion collection, manual fashion illustration and digital fashion illustration.
  • Develop your designs and ideas from scratch and create a unique fashion portfolio;
  • Create fashion collections using mood boards and design briefs;
  • Choose colours and fabrics to create stunning outfits;
  • Learn from scratch how to draw the 9-head fashion figure;
  • Clothe the female fashion croquis and learn various clothing details;
  • Learn various body features including facial features, spinal movements, hair, etc;
  • Create technical drawings and design details to communicate your ideas to your tailor or production team.
  • Learn to use a digital fashion illustration app.  

Fashion Entrepreneurship


  • Learn the business of fashion and run a viable fashion business.
  • Take advantage of the business opportunities that exist in the Fashion Industry;
  • Profitably price your work by implementing proper costing and pricing;
  • Sell your clothes and make a profit;
  • Start your clothing line and understand the clothing production process;
  • Build structures in your fashion business; and
  • Keep track of your business finances with an online accounting software.
Advanced Student in Sewing class working on project
Fashion Illustration Class at Martwayne
Student Project from Creative & Fashion Illustration Course
Advanced Course in Fashion Design


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Sew like a professional & Start your Clothing Line


Transform your fashion design knowledge into a viable source of income


Start the Fashion Business of your dreams


Monetize the different skills you have learnt during the Course


Offer quality services to other fashion businesses


Empower yourself and others by becoming an employer of labour and making a difference.


Course Fees & Duration

The best deal on a comprehensive Fashion Design for Beginners Course

Fees – N500,000


Course Fees: N500,000


  • Toolkit
  • N20,000 Refundable Caution Fee (covers damages and unneccesary extensions beyond the Course)


Payment Options


Option 1:

  • Full Payment attracts 5% discount

Option 2:

  • Deposit 1: N185,000
  • Deposit 2: N185,000 (due 3 months into the Course)
  • Deposit 3: N130,000 (due 5 months into the Course)


10 months

  • Weekday Option Only
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays only from 10am – 4pm
  • Creative & Fashion Illustration Classes hold on Tuesdays only from 10am – 5pm for 3 months (within the 10 months)
  • No classes on public holidays


What Our Students Say

Rona shares her Martwayne Experience. 

She came to Lagos came all the way from Portharcourt to pursue her dream. 

This is her story:


Alumnus, Foundation Course in Fashion Design

I had problems getting my clothes from stores. They would always direct me to the kids section. It was so annoying and exhausting.  Most stores never seemed to have what I’d like. Even if they did, it was always too big. Then I thought, if I could make what I wanted in my size, why not? So I found myself here & as time went by, the attention shifted from just me to others & I discovered I would love to cater for people that have the same type of issues I had size-wise & clothes that can help them express who they really are.”

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