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Mistakes in Business to Avoid As an Entrepreneur – Free PDF

Mistakes in Business to Avoid As an Entrepreneur – Free PDF

I was excited to join the world of Entrepreneurship. I had quit my job, gone to fashion school and like every other creative, I was determined to turn my passion to profit. But nothing prepared me for the real world of business! ⁣

⁣In no time, I was frustrated! I cried my eyes out running a business that left me constantly under pressure. I was out of cash and literally spent all I earned on the business with nothing to show for it. It was a real rat race! ⁣

One thing I can tell you, entrepreneurship is not easy! You have to keep working at it and slowly things will make sense.⁣ Although it can be an 'exciting' journey (because frankly I could do without that excitement) but it can also be a long and lonely journey. You pretty much lose track of everything in a bid to make things work. You are so consumed with the business that you spend less time with friends, family and you become a shadow of yourself - if you allow yourself to!

A lot of the things I learnt the hard way, I wish someone warned me about it. Nothing you learn in school prepares you for the real thing.

So this is me taking a trip down memory lane. I have made TONS of mistakes that if I had to write them all, I would fill an encyclopaedia so it was tough to pick these 7 but here they are. It's a really short read - just 1 page per mistake!

Here's hoping you will learn from my experience and avoid making the same mistakes I made.⁣

business mistakes

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About Me

Tope Williams Adewunmi Martwayne

Tope Williams-Adewunmi


A fashion entrepreneur passionate about helping people turn their passion to profit.  Check out the home page for more of our business tools, online and offline fashion courses and PDF books. 

Launching the Built2Bill Price Calculator by Martwayne

Launching the Built2Bill Price Calculator by Martwayne

Let me tell you a LONG story! Bear with me please... It is amazing how God works.

So about 2 or 3 years back when we started the Garment Production House, I created this tool from scratch for internal use. It was tough for me to just look at an outfit and guess a price. The one time I did it, I suffered dearly for it. I charged ready to wear prices for 6 designs, 3 of which we had to hand-stitch 33 buttons on! Isn't that what happens to designers? You bill and then regret it because yes your customer is happy but we end up bearing the losses!

But that is not the story.

Late last year, I decided to improve on my billing system. What I had worked great but since the No 1 question I got from business owners, especially designers, was how to bill for their work, I decided to create something fab which I could formally launch. According to people, I was the only one who understood my tool and how to use it even though I thought it was very simple.

Anyway, found some Tech guys who made all the mouth in the world but they ran away with my money! Eventually, I forgot about it and moved on to something else.

DOn't give up

Then weirdly enough, last Friday, I just decided to work on it since I needed a break from online courses. Besides, I still get those questions from business owners on this same billing issue. And when I explain it, they seem lost. So I went all #Virgin and #Nike on myself and decided to Screw it and Just Do it! Launched it 2 days ago without a name!

Sent v1 which I had already launched to Chinedum Ewuzie , God bless him, who tore it to shreds because to him, it looked too complicated. How??? And some had already bought it! Chei!

Asked Chioma Redbutton and she said the same thing. Bugged Tola Takuro (Tola you are the best!) at past 9pm yesterday to help me out with a formula. I knew I had to resend it to those who bought it this morning.

hope endures

Sigh... Version 2 here we come! Anyway, I got to work last night. Chinedum said I had to think of a better name for it and funny enough it didn't even occur to me that this was the same tool I was trying to get off the ground till like 11pm last night. How could I forget?

So in 1 night, I created Version 2 of the Price Calculator (a much simpler one), found the logo I abandoned somewhere, created an instructional video, updated my website, reworked the creatives, deleted the old video just so I could relaunch it! I have not slept a wink!

BUT I am very pleased to say I am ready to formally launch the BUILT2BILL PRICE CALCULATOR! 

price calculator

And what does it do? It makes your life SO MUCH EASIER!

If you struggle with how to calculate the selling price of your product, the Built2Bill Price Calculator does it automatically for you. Just input your figures and the price comes up instantly! So now you can take the guesswork out of billing your customer and finally run a profitable business! And it comes with a FREE EBook!

You will:

- know exactly how much costs you incur per product;

- determine your profit margin;

- know how much you should charge for each product;

- decide how much discount to give your customers without your business suffering;

- stand confidently behind your prices; and best of all

- cut down on your costs, make better business decisions and finally make a profit.

It is so easy to use and you can use it over and over again.

You can get one for yourself at this link!

Here is a product demonstration to see how it works.

But you know what is even better than the Built2Bill Price Calculator?

The Online Course 'How to Price a Product and Make a Profit' because you get Built2Bill for FREE when you sign up for it!

how to price your product

And you get the following EXTRA freebies as well: 

- The Built2Bill Price Calculator

- Instructional Video on How to Cut Your Costs to Make a Profit with the Built2Bill Price Calculator

- How to Price a Product and Make a Profit PDF

- Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Your Work to Make a Profit EBook

- Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing Audiobook

- Course Certificate on Successful Completion

Click the link below to Sign Up for the Online Course:

Trust me, you will be glad you did!

Sigh.... I feel so accomplished! 

If you read it till this far, thank you for sharing my enthusiasm.

Now please encourage a sister and share this post to everyone on your timeline! MERCI BEAUCOUP!

Let me catch a bit of shut-eye! I am exhausted! 😁

About Me

Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

A fashion entrepreneur passionate giving power through fashion by sharing knowledge guaranteed to help fashion lovers turn their passion for fashion to business. 

What are you doing about the Coronavirus pandemic?

What are you doing about the Coronavirus pandemic?

If you’re religiously following updates & watching the news, you can be forgiven for feeling like the coronavirus pandemic is more or less an apocalyptic event.⠀⁣
You’re probably scared, anxious and concerned about how hard your business will be affected by it which I totally understand. We will get through this. You just need to stay calm and work on a plan.⠀⁣
If you’re in seriously affected areas, please shut down and work from home for your safety and that of your staff. We, at Martwayne, have closed down for 2 weeks for this very reason. But it is not a holiday for us. We are working hard on our online courses and plan to launch the Costing and Pricing Online Course this weekend. ⠀⁣

Identify what triggers your fear and anxiety and avoid being exposed to it. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones. STAY SAFE & DON’T PANIC!⁣

Now is the time to take online courses that will help your business. Use this time to reevaluate and revamp.
Use the time & tools at your disposal, to seriously evaluate your business. What areas can you improve on? What steps do you need to take? What can be made better? Do you need to refresh your website or social media pages? Do you need to improve your craft? Write everything down and work on a plan to come back stronger.

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

⁣Between working, managing the home and running the world, women deserve to be be celebrated every single day.⠀

May we continue to stand strong, inspire & uplift together despite the challenges we deal with.⠀

Happy International Women’s day ?

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