Advanced Course in Fashion Design

The perfect course for practising fashion designers who want to improve or perfect their skills in order to start or grow their clothing lines and run stronger fashion businesses!

'There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you're good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills.'  - Jeff Bezos

Martwayne Student working on project in the Advanced Course in Fashion Design
Advanced Course in Fashion Design
Advanced Fashion Design Course

Why You Need Our 
Advanced Course in Fashion Design

-  You learnt how to sew but you lack the confidence to sew for others for fear of making mistakes.

-  You started a fashion business but you are extremely frustrated at the progress you are making.

-  You see marvellous designs on the runway and wonder how others come up with those amazing designs but find yourself still stuck in the rut of customers bringing you magazines to copy.

-  You learnt freehand and are limited by what you can do. You have heard of patternmaking and wonder what it is all about.  Or worse, you have pattern books but cannot  interprete them!

Fashion Illustration from Advanced Fashion Design Course
Advanced Student project on the runway

-  You feel inadequate because you are not Creative.

-  You work so hard everyday but have nothing to show for it financially at the end of the month to even pay yourself.

-  You have no idea how to do a proper costing for your work or worse, you charge based on conscience.

-  You know deep down you are good but your sewing and finishing can be better.

Martwayne Advanced Student project at a fashion show
Martwayne Advanced Student project at a fashion show
Martwayne Beginners Course in Fashion Design Student, Esther, models her design on the runway

-  You wish you can stop sewing for people and actually start that ready to wear line.

-  You have amazing designs in your head but have no clue how to put them down on paper.

If you find yourself saying 'Yes that's me' to at least a third of the questions listed up there, then the Advanced Course in Fashion Design is definitely for you!  

Advanced student Ejay wearing her own creation
Advanced Student order for a bridal train

About the Founder

Tope Williams-Adewunmi, FOunder Martwayne | Fashion School

My name is Tope Williams Adewunmi and I am a fashion entrepreneur.  I run Martwayne and what we do at Martwayne is give people 'Power Through Fashion' by helping them turn their love for fashion into a viable business.  

We have trained many people at Martwayne from different works of life.  As an ex-accountant myself who resigned to go to fashion school, I understand first hand how difficult it must be to leave a comfort zone to pursue the unknown.  We have been privileged to work with bankers, lawyers, accountants, fashion designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, students and so many people - all brought together by their love for fashion.  Many have gone on to establish their own businesses while some students have partnered with each other to set up clothing lines.  

Advanced Class at Martwayne
Students completing the creative and fashion illustration course

We love seeing our people grow as their success is ours. Which is why we go the extra mile to give you the tools you need to ensure you have a solid foundaiton by improving on your existing knowledge. 

There is always something new to learn and our job is to develop your innate creative abilities and help you discover new and more efficient ways of doing things in a fun and conducive environment.


Just check out one of our testimonials.

Martwayne Advanced Student testimonial on increased business because of better finishing

And we have so much more where that came from!

Yes!  This is what just one of the benefits YOU stand to gain from the Course.

What the Advanced Course in Fashion Design
is About

Advanced Student in pattern drafting class
Advanced Student in Sewing class working on project

The Course focuses on the 3 major aspects of running a fashion business:  

The Creative,  The Practical & The Business Sides of Fashion

Course Highlights

The Creative &

Fashion Illustration

- how to develop your designs from scratch from an idea and create a fashion collection & fashion portfolio;

-   how to choose colours and fabrics;

-  how to create moodboards and design briefs the tools required in the development of a fashion collection;

-  how to draw the female fashion croquis, including facial features, spinal movements and faces;

-  how to create technical drawings and draw design details to communicate your ideas to your tailor or production team; 

-  how to render a fashion figure both manually and digitally; and

-  how to use a digital app to turn your illustrations from drab to fab!

The Practical:
Sewing & Patternmaking

Here you will learn the real nitty gritty of sewing & patternmaking including perfect finishing techniques and having an eye for detail.  You will be taught to take accurate body measurements from scratch, draft patterns from scratch and conduct a fitting.

Topics to be covered include:

- Converting body measurements into block, working and final patterns;

- Garment preparation for sewing including fabric layout & cutting;;

- Methods of finishing raw edges;

-  Fitting, alterations and how to transfer amendments to the original pattern;

-  Dart manipulation techniques and pattern variations;

-  Pattern grading and developing standard size charts;

-  Garments include dressmaking, strapless, proper office shirts and blouses, sleeves, collars, plackets, skirt variations, jacket making, trousers, amongst others.

The Business Side

Of course we all know learning a skill in order to start a business is pointless if we do not have an idea how to start off at all or how to make money from it.  A lack of knowledge in fashion entrepreneurship marks the beginning of the end of a business that has not even begun.  

This is why, at Martwayne, learning how to start and run a business is a very key element of the Course.  Here are some of the modules you will be learning at the end of the Course:

  • Costing and How to Set Proper Prices for your products;
  • How to Start a Clothing Line - the Production Process;
  • Building Business Structures in Your Fashion Company;
  • How to Track your Business Finances and so much more.

And of course, since you are one of us, we will offer guidance and every step of the way, because sometimes, all we need is a second opinion and mentoring on the key steps to take to avoid mistakes.

At the end of the intensive Advanced Course in Fashion Design, students will be equipped to either start their own clothing lines, outsource their services to fashion houses who require freelancers or run stronger fashion businesses.

What Our Students are Saying

Looking to improve her sewing skills, Patience registered for Martwayne's Advanced Course in Fashion Design.  This is her story:

"I learnt before but my work wasn't perfect. There was something missing. I wasn't proud of my finished work so I figured I had to learn more.

I discussed my situation with a friend who learnt where I did and she said she had also felt the same way and had come to Martwayne. When I saw her work, I didn't need much persuasion.'

This can be your story!

Join us at Martwayne and let us help you 

Turn your Love for Fashion into a Viable Business!

So what do you say?!

Join the many designers who have gone through our system and are still reaping the benefits of their investment in the Advanced Fashion Design Course.

And the best part is, the principles you learn here are applicable in other industries as well!

Advanced Course in Fashion Design

Secure Your Seat in our Advanced Course in Fashion Design now!

We guarantee it!

How the Course Runs



There are 2 options you can choose from - the Weekday Option and the Weekend Option.

  • Weekday Option lasts 9 months; and
  • Weekend Option for busy professionals lasts 18 months.

Both options exclude Sundays and public holidays.

Class Schedules:

  • Weekday Option: 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays) from 10am - 4pm
  • When the Creative Course starts, it will be 4 days a week for 12 weeks.

  • Weekend option: Saturdays only from 12 noon - 6pm.



Course Fees

Course fees are a total of N340,000 (Fees: N320,000 + N20,000 refundable caution fee)

The fees include all your training materials and your toolkit for both the sewing and creative options but excludes fabrics that will be used during the Course.

 The refundable caution fee covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

Fees can be paid in a maximum of 2 instalments: 80% upfront and the balance due during the Course.

If you pay in full, you get a 5% discount off the fees.

I'm interested.  How do I register?

Registration is easy!  Simply click the button to pay via debit card.


Transfer the fees into the following account:

Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank​

Once this is done, please contact us on:

Instagram: @martwayne

WhatsApp: 08097876075

Telephone:  0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877


Please note that prior registration is required.


Secure Checkout.  Not to worry!  Our site is very safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This so​​​​unds great but I cannot sew. Can I still register for this Course?

What if I am only interested in the Creative & Fashion Illustration portion of the Course?  Can I register for just that?

Can I just register for the Sewing & Patternmaking modules?

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