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Thinking of turning your love-affair for fashion into a successful business? You can take the plunge by starting your own ...
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Fashion Business Growth Tip - Develop a unique selling proposition
What is your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP)?  If you can’t answer that question, you need to figure it out ...
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⁣There are so many opportunities to explore in the Fashion industry and Fashion Illustration is one of them.⠀ It basically ...
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Getting Your Fashion Business ready for 2020
⁣It’s amazing to think we are almost at the end of a decade 😁, and while 2020 always sounded like ...
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Hello Everyone!!! I'm sure you have had a good week so far. Amazing how the days are just flying past! ...
Read More   So I had almost forgotten what this blog looked like.  It's been ages since I uploaded a post ...
Read More Ok seeing that I'm like totally repentant now, I felt it would be great to make up for ...
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   vs     SO I've been meaning to write on this topic for a while now.... and I finally decided ...
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Starts 20 January 2020

For complete beginners. Learn Fashion Design from scratch.

Foundation Course in Fashion Design (for beginners)

Starts 20 January 2020

For practising designers looking to improve their skills

Advanced Course in Fashion Design

Starts 20 January 2020

For Beginners & Practising Designers. Weekday and Weekend Options Available.

Short Course in Sewing & Patternmaking

Starts 4th February 2020

Unleash Your Creativity with this 3-in-1 Course. Weekday & Weekends Available.

Creative & Fashion Illustration Course


Self – Paced  |  Location is not a barrier  |  Register wherever you are.

An Online Course

If the finishing of your clothes need to be better so you can charge higher prices, this Course is for you. Perfect for beginners and practising designers.

Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing

An Online Course

Want to charge higher for your Creative Designs? This Course is for you!

5 techniques, minimum 2 applications per technique and sewing modules.

Creative Patternmaking & Origami Classes

An Online Course

Tired of the boring way of embellishing clothes, this Course is for you!  Learn the Couture Method of Tambour Beading and charge higher for your clothes.

Tambour Beading & Ribbon Embroidery

An Online Course

Run a Structured, Viable and Profitable Fashion Business with this 4 in 1 Online Course. Learn what to do from scratch!

Fashion Entrepreneurship Course


Lessons from David Wej

How to Leave Paid Employment to Start Your Clothing Line

My Journey from Accounting to Fashion

Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job for Fashion

Dealing with the Fear of the Unknown


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